5 Most Amazing Wallpaper for iPhone App Here

Are you looking for new awesome wallpaper for iPhone? Everyone knows that the first thing that we do after purchasing a new iPhone is changing its wallpaper. Needless to say, we all love wallpapers. They define the look of our devices and sometimes even reflect our moods. Sometimes we like wallpapers with full HD images and sometimes with incredible patterns or live pictures. Selecting a wallpaper isnt all that tough, but then you really want your smartphone to look smart enough!

Although, you will find the App Store filled with a number of varied apps for wallpaper for iPhone, but how to find one thats trendy and best suited for your phone? Well, we can surely help you with that. Here is a list of some of the most amazing apps for customizing the wallpapers for iPhone, iPad and other android smart-phones, you can check out aptoide for ios.

Cool Wallpaper for iPhone Free

You just wont be able to get enough of this app as it features more than 100,000 wallpapers. You can access these beautiful wallpaper for iphone and give your device a cool look. The best part about this app is that, along with the wallpapers, it contains a lot of other features as well. This app has twenty different categories for choosing the kind of wallpaper you like. Apart from this, if you are looking for some specific type of wallpaper, then you can do a simple search in the app and youll have your favorite wallpaper right there.

Once you have your favorite wallpaper in front of you, you can easily save that on your device. You just need to tap on the wallpaper and this will bring it to a fullscreen mode. You then find other options to have appeared  you can choose from them. If you select the download button, the wallpaper will get saved in the gallery or the camera roll of your phone. You can even share the wallpaper via Email, Facebook or Twitter. If you wish to customize it, even more, you can add visual effects like borders, designs, glowing shelves, etc. Once you are done with it, save the picture and then you can start using it as a wallpaper for iphone.

Tapet  Infinite Wallpapers

Although tape means old fashioned and was used earlier for decorative wall hangings or wallpapers, we suggest – do not just go by the name. This app is amazingly new and wonderful. Suited for android smartphones, this wallpaper app has a number of wallpapers to choose from. You can set the wallpapers according to the screen of your device using varied patterns and styles. There are geometrical patterns that fit into your device according to your screen resolution. The special features of this app allow the users to customize the wallpapers as per their needs. You can easily change the patterns and colors by a simple swipe and can give your phone a completely new look.

Also, you can set the timer for changing your favorite apps automatically. So you no longer have to bother yourself with modifying the background from time to time and you get to see a new wallpaper in every hour or day.

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10000 Wallpapers

This particular app has 10,000 different wallpapers for iPad and iPhone. All the wallpapers are categorized in different ways. So you wont have to face any problem in choosing your favorite ones and can look through easily. This app has a free, virtually infinite collection of the most beautiful images and photos from around the world. It supports iOS 9  which is indeed great! You can have iOS 9 wallpapers suited according to your device now. Plus, there are no in-app purchases and its absolutely free. So you can easily install it and enjoy amazing wallpapers for iPad.

The regular updates in this app would also help you choose the best one for our device. You can bookmark these iOS 9 wallpapers and photos and can even email or text beautiful images to your friends and relatives.

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IOS 9 Parallax Live Wallpaper APK

This app contains unique iOS 9 live wallpapers with outstanding features. It consists of parallax effects with floating and shining particles. This app is inspired by iPhone 6S or iOS 9 wallpapers and they make your android phone look amazing. It has great 3D live wallpapers with beautiful graphics. In these live wallpapers, the motion of lights and flashes keeps changing automatically from time to time.

Another superb feature of this iOS 9 live wallpaper app is that its compatible with 99% mobile phone devices – it has been tested on latest devices like Samsung S5/S6, Nexus 7, Sony Experis Z series and some other tablets as well. Also, when the phone is inactive, the app automatically goes into the sleeping mode. So it saves your phones battery as well. Download this app apk along with the aptoide apk.

Doodle Dandy

This is a DIY wallpaper app. In this app, you can create your own wallpapers by drawing them or can doodle the images to make them your wallpaper. Using this particular wallpaper app, you can enhance your creative side and use it to design your own wallpapers. To make this task more fun and interesting, this app comes with a number of features and tools like different sizes of brushes to paint, color palette, transparency tool, etc. There are undo options as well  with the help of these you can correct your images or drawings.

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Once you have completed designing the wallpaper for iPad or iPhone, you can save it and then put it as your wallpaper. If you wish, you can even share it via Facebook or Twitter. This app is surely fun to use and can also work as a drawing app for kids!


If you go to the app store, youll find a whole lot of apps with a number of wallpapers. So we formed a list for you of some wallpaper apps that are a little different and youd surely like to try. Install the app that you liked and enjoy customizing your phone in a unique way.

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