Wind Down Mode on Digital Wellbeing Renamed


You might know that Google has recently made some changes in the Digital Wellbeing tools that was initiated a few years back. The Wind Down mode has been transitioned to “Bedtime mode”. Meanwhile, you might be contemplating the update to be no different from its earlier versions, yet some new things about it that need your attention.

Digital Wellbeing app came into existence in the year 2018 with the arrival of Android 9 Pie. Further, it contained features like Do Not Disturb mode and the Wind Down mode. There was also an app timer for setting screen time.

About the Beta version

The beta version of the same has been launched in the Google Play Store. Additionally, the user interface of the Digital Wellbeing app has now transformed along with its name. Also, there’s a new way of putting the Bedtime mode on. During the night time, if you’re using your device beyond the threshold time (that you’ve configured yourself), the Bedtime mode will be triggered.

A Glimpse of the New Features

Now, when Android 10 marked its release, Digital Wellbeing also got upgraded with a feature known as “Focus mode”. What this feature does is that it works on the same blueprint as Do Not Disturb mode, but also enables the user to diminish the effect of a specific app for a while without the hassle of disabling other apps. You can also notice the new implementations with the availability of a Quick Settings tile.

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Besides, this feature works by gray scaling your device till the next morning, thereby, making them less appealing for the use. So, if you want to enable Bedtime mode, follow the instructions given below:


  • Step 1: Digital Wellbeing is present in the Settings app on the phone. So, open “Digital Wellbeing” in it. Besides, you can set parental control as well.
  • Step 2: For the “Bedtime mode”, go to the Ways to Disconnect section. It will peregrinate you through a quick demonstration. Keep clicking on Next until you get the Done option.
  • Step 3: Now, you can adjust the time for the Bedtime mode to start and stop as per your choice. Plus, you can select the days in a week for the same. Likewise, you can enable it to begin when the device is charging in a specific time interval.

When the feature comes into the operation, the device’s screen will change to black and white with a silent notification of the “Bedtime mode” turned on. On the contrary, all the alerts will also be disabled. Also, you can opt for “Pause for 30 minutes” if you want to use your phone a little longer. And when you’re ready, tap on the “Resume now” option.

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Anyways, the icon of the app has also been changed. Before the version 1.0.306697358.beta, it appeared as a blue circle with a white circle in it. Now, the icon looks like a kind of parentheses encompassing a circle in the middle of it.