These 5 Mistakes Might Cost Your Data Security Heavily


Every aspect of our lives is turning virtual presently. Be it social or private, both of the phases of our existence are out there on the worldwide network. It has now become mandatory for a person to emphasis on the data security we put up online. Our regular measures such as adding a password or a security question to any personal profile don’t make it encrypted completely. There are various loopholes in data security which can pose to be devastating when gone into wrong hands.

Unknown Public Networks

We often access our data from an unknown or a new network which exposes our data to an anonymous client. This is a prevalent and highly unattended mistake we make and can constitute a significant issue regarding our data. One must make it sure not to leave their accounts logged in on such networks.


Improper Passwords

The password plays a crucial role in securing your data online. People often build up passwords that are either common and or too easy for a hacker to make a guess which again causes them an issue with their security. In order to overcome these situations, firstly, generate secure password using a difficult combination of word or phrases that are in no way easily related to you. Secondly, put up a security question to which you and only you know the answer.

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Encryption Failure

This process helps end to end security of a message or media sent by one user to another. The data might leak if this encryption isn’t present onto the message. People hardly know that they can have their messages encrypted and secured. Only the sender has a key to decrypt the message in order to allow the desired reader to read it. This key once leaked can drain the valuable information it consists.


Currently, most public websites have spam advertisements which put your data at stake. Even a single click on these advertisements might leak your data to an unknown server. Ads nowadays appear as a warning on your screen which you see as a notification. The layout is made as such that you make a click on these luring ads. These ads are a threat to your data.

Delayed Backup

This is a preeminent threat to the data we hold on to. Backups are a quite easy measure to create a copy of your entire data in a place safer than keeping it online. It may be on a pen drive, compact disk or a hard disk. But the problem with people is that they feel all slothful and refuse to do so until they are bound to. This simple step can preserve the data easily even if the original one is corrupted.

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Data security is also opening up new tangents to secure data in a much more efficient and easy way, as presently people are already preferring online storages than offline containers. As the popular saying states “with great power, comes great responsibility,” the security to data must also be increased.