Best Minecraft Hunger Games Server 2019


Joining a server is beautiful and straightforward. What you should do is load up Minecraft Hunger Games since you usually would, hit multiplayer, and then add a server. Name it anything wants, then type or Ctrl V the IP address straight into the box below. Put it aside, click play, and you’re wealthy. Keep on in your mind some servers need that you download data so that they could run correctly. In the event this for any point fails, just quit out while keeping trying. It should work eventually.

Here is your list of Minecraft hunger games servers which are worth your time and effort.

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Servers are your main gateway to expanding your horizons in Minecraft, right here we’ve captured the very best Minecraft servers around. Like fantasy? Want to go through a blocky recreation of a person’s favorite TV show or film? Desire to grief without fear associated with a ban. If you do answer ‘yes’ to whatever considering the above, servers have had you covered.


Autcraft is a server designed specifically for infants and adults who have got autism. It’s intended to become a refuge for those that want a reprieve from the potentially overwhelming essential things you will find on other servers. This can include items like no frightening characters and making sure things are all kept child-friendly. You will have to apply so that you can start a server, but if you are severe and ensure it is in, then you’re well off.

It’s failing to do anything special in terms of just how it plays, but it’s a useful one to know about in case you or maybe a loved one has autism and would like to learn there’s somewhere safe to end up.

IP Address:

If you are searching for Minecraft hunger games servers read this blog.

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This server is astoundingly large and packs within a vast array of actions you need to take. They’ve got FPS games, painting, in addition to their product of Smash Bros., if you imagine a game type, there’s a significant chance of it being available within Mineplex. It’s also got an enormously active staff and, as a result, is prone to a lot less grief than a number of the less wholesome servers around. Do not just sit around to find the best Minecraft hunger games server take a look here.

IP Address: us.mineplex.web

Pirate Work

Sailing a ship around in Minecraft is hard, but in Pirate Craft, they do a surprisingly good job of producing it work. So is often the way these servers, all it takes is a certain amount of time to begin things, but it’s worth the amount of effort if you are similar to the idea. The scale of given ships is impressive, as well as the ship-to-ship combat. Just don’t be stunned when someone nicks your pirate ship, there’s no honor among thieves. This is one of the best Minecraft hunger games servers in 2019.

IP Address: mc.piratemc.internet


Game of Thrones is finished now, and whether you liked or loathed the ending, you’re probably hungry for more. Well, hunger does not, and feast yourself on this server. While it’s not finished, it’s still intending to provide a sweet rush for people who want to attempt their skill at being King for getting a day. We’ve yet to see about whether or not you can pet the Direwolves, however.

IP Address:

The Lord of the Craft

Although this may sound just like a Lord of a given Rings server, it’s more or less. It’s fantasy, sure, but with considerable pay attention to roleplaying. Our world, together with its lore, has become created, along with a helpful warp command, means traveling amongst the different kingdoms (high elves, dark elves, dwarves, etc.) is pretty simple. All that you need is typically a killer skin and an elaborate backstory, and you’re well off.

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Hypixel is an additional mini-game massive server. There may be all the necessary standard games one would expect coming from a high-quality server; there are often several unusual ones too. Games like VampireZ, in that you have to key in to attempt to survive for being human, whereas the vampires hunt you. There’s also a game called Turbo Kart Racers, which happens to be a good competition contest that will pit you against other players while you try and reach the finish line first. It’s lots of fun, and then they will update it regularly, so it’s worth sticking around for. This is another Minecraft pe hunger games server to explore.

IP Address: mc.hypixel.get

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