Minecraft Game Reached 100 Million Sales


Gaming in 2016 is light-years ahead of what it used to be a few years ago. Modern graphics have evolved a great deal creating a situation where visual art imitates life intricately. With the mind-numbing technological development of gaming consoles and electronics, a new type of game has been taking the modern gamers by storm aka The Minecraft Game.

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Created by Swedish programmer Markus Notch Persson and further developed and released by Mojang, this 3D game has completely transformed the gaming empire. Possessing a simple story line and moderate 3D graphics, the game has created a vast niche community for itself in the colossal family of online gamers. There are a variety of modes that can be selected by the concerned player making the game a hit. This variability in modes creates a situation where casual gamers are attracted to try the game out, while hardcore gamers spend hours and days honing their skills for recognition among their Minecraft Peers.

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The game is not only considered a commercial success but has also received stunning reviews from critics belonging to the online community. The Minecraft Game was the recipient of five awards at the Game Developers Conference in 2011, three awards at the Game Developers Choice Awards. Furthermore, they were awarded the Golden Joystick for the best downloadable game category in 2012. As mentioned before, this game has also been an immense commercial success selling over 100 million copies with more than 40 million online Minecraft gamers.

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These staggering numbers resonate with the fact that whenever the Minecraft Game is brought up in a conversation, there will be people who are aware of or even play the game religiously. This exceptional level of popularity shows the unequivocal influence of modern gaming has on today’s digital world.


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