Microsoft Visio Alternatives to 2020


A large number of readers may think of them as a comparison guide to the most beneficial flowchart makers, but it is not. The aim of this informative article is presumably to make sure that the most useful Microsoft Visio alternatives are referred to in detail. Along with their features highlighted.

Microsoft Visio has been a favored selection for visual communication purposes these days. Sadly, its steep price for one exceptional copy plus a surprising change has generated an unfavorable overview of this program. Although it still delivers a plethora of templates and tools for reliable and comprehensive visual communications. We highly recommend which you explore these Visio replacements.

I have prepared a collection of the most beneficial Microsoft Visio Alternatives options you could find for all


Among the most exceptional Visio substitute these days that are both free. And it doesn’t require that you reveal a merchant account or join one is LucidChart. Not exclusively, are you able to make diagrams even so you can invite your entire team to carry out the changes if something seems switched off to you?

Also, you can import or export Microsoft Visio files just like you chose to use the company’s software the whole time. However, you can still find limitations to being a free user. So you start getting the paid plans; you will find out they will likely finish up becoming an upscale proposition. For getting a free web program, this can be one of the best around.


  • There’s no need to sign up to utilize the program, open the site and start to draw
  • Multiple people will work towards the very same diagram. Allowing better integration and less time consumption
  • The drag-and-drop interface is offered if you desire to bring any diagram


  • Varied shapes are not appropriately classified. Therefore, you will have a look and choose different diagrams very carefully
  • You are only able to open up three active documents at one
  • Paid options will receive more traffic to end up transforming into a pricey solution in any case


yEd Graph Editor

yEd for being viable Visio alternative is among the best programs available to use at present. Along with a tremendously sharp and stable GUI with which you can find a lot of extra customization options. Feel free to create the most appealing flowcharts, there may be eliminating obstacles standing in your path. The applying also supports importing files from Visio right down to building your ones from the beginning.

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The files which you find themselves saving are also accessible independently website. A possible situation that you may end up using is said to be free. Should that will not satisfy you, then you certainly will surely be happy to listen that a desktop application for Windows is present, consequently is a web-based client plus support for devices.


  • Extremely well-made user interface
  • Tons of customization methods available in your fingertips
  • Importing files from Microsoft Visio can easily be done painlessly
  • Desktop and web-based application are considered available
  • So is support for smartphones and tablets


  • No desktop application for Mac however you could use the web-based service for that
  • No Chrome OS support

Pencil Project

It is free and is an open-source replacement for Visio, making its nature appear the same as the applications that most of us recommended you out earlier. It features among the best user interfaces to have an open-source visual development tool, so make sure you look into this ahead of when you test out the remaining. And there is also a wide variety of shape varieties and features that you may create flowcharts using an extensive range of tools at your fingertips.

Even if it does not need a web-based service, it sees regular updates that optimize the applying and is estimated to run better with every update created. If you’re searching for a desktop-based application to construct visual presentations, it is best to attempt this one.


  • Regular updates are accessible as it is an open-source program
  • One of the most intelligent user interfaces intended for you made from a program that is open-source and free


  • Unavailability of web-based service
  • The desktop application implies that Chromebook users won’t be able to work with this.

LibreOffice Draw

It is undoubtedly an open-source program, allowing developers to make adjustments to the user so that you can improve it accordingly. It has been intended for desktop operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux; however, there is no Chrome OS support provided, most probably due to the lack of storage on such machines. LibreOffice Draw is incredibly clone of Visio and OpenOffice Draw, and this means you will earn accustomed to making use of it promptly.

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Assuming there was a single gripe to be seen by using this, it can be that this app possesses a user interface that appears ancient like someone didn’t take the time to create a few cosmetic changes in some places to improve the general look further. Still, when you are not bothered by this, then there is just no way why you should not create this your daily driver.


  • Looks identical to Visio so that you will have applied in no time
  • It is open source


  • No Chrome OS support, unfortunately.
  • The user interface looks a little bit dated, which can provide the impression that it hasn’t been updated in a period.


It is a very competent Visio alternative and allows you to import many different formats to save lots of and open files effortlessly. It also has got a great selection of shape packages according to what you want to function on. Unfortunately, quite simple have a web-based service, so you are limited to running it on either your Mac, Windows, or Linux os.

It is preferred to try to find something else if you are still a Chromebook. Nevertheless, in the event you have can result in engaging visual presentations and diagrams but unfortunately were on a budget, this free tool might provide you an advisor to create your progress possible.


  • Free desktop service that is suited with various operating systems easy the ability to access a wide array of diagrams and visuals, especially if you are included on a strict budget


  • Absence of Chrome OS support
  • No web-based application present


It is the same as Gliffy, meaning that it is another web-based application and targets Visio’s huge utility belt and is invented to turn into a fun-filled experience. How the app has been designed and functions, it becomes best for business users and the classroom. Also, it will take things inside a straightforward manner so that convenience regarding the user; however, there are disadvantages of utilizing it.

Creately is not entirely free while there’s a free web-based service to utilize around; you have a paid service while provides more features. Unfortunately, the free service might be extremely limited in terms of documents as well as other changes now if you want to gain access to a large number of tools, then you should opt for the paid version. Luckily, Creately is quite cheap when it comes to the paid version, requiring a $5 fee per thirty days or maybe a $49 price and get a 12-month period, which seems quite reasonable.


  • Web and desktop service available
  • Meant for businesses as well as for fun purposes
  • A simple interface means you could work towards this app comfortably


  • Limited options are accessible in Free version
  • There is, unfortunately, no Chrome OS support to be provided with during this current time
  • There is a dedicated desktop app. Nevertheless, it has a paywall that needs to be scaled through.


Gliffy can also be a terrific tool that is effective in the browser and utilizes HTML5 language to create and render excellent, functional diagrams. There’s no third-party application meaning you will likely not need to be tied to downloading a different file then install it on various desktop operating systems.

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The free version is significantly more than competent at having the tasks accomplished, and since the paid version will set you back by $7.99, you are better off having the freeware. However, if you’re an expert or have several employees together with you, then you certainly will earn admission to quite a lot of features among the paid version, so be sure you attempt this one out before you will make up your mind to become a paid member.


  • Web-based service is barely available, and that means you do not have to download an app to undertake your work
  • Is extraordinarily snappy and fast so you’ll achieve your work swiftly
  • Sync with Google Drive is possible so you can work anywhere and anytime.


  • The paid version of one’s application is a bit more expensive than Office 365. Therefore, you should only use it if you’re looking for any additional tools or if you’re high quality.

Google Drawings

Last but not at all least, you’ll find that we have Google Drawings, which happens to be more or less a Visio alternative from another tech giant. Google has its dedicated office suite to manage Microsoft’s well equip with computer forensic tools and materials for Visio, and you now have Google Drawings.

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Google Drawings is additionally out there as an online application and as an offline Chrome app among the Web Store, so you hold the possibility to choose which approach you are more suitable with. Now, this advantage you can already concentrate on but syncing to Google Drive will potentially make yourself a bit of cake for your work and flowcharts wherever you have broken down but be sure you be connected to a consistent web connection.

Also, you can export your diagrams easily, so it is among the most excellent solutions around coming from a top-notch tech company.


  • Accessibility to web-based service and desktop application
  • Google Drive syncs so you should be able to take work as long as there can be an active internet connection
  • Support for Chrome OS is present


It is yet another free substitute for Visio and looks like many of them around, and this choice exists within your web browser rather than being available as a downloadable program for your own personal Mac or Windows machine.

You also have cloud support, with several choices to choose from when you need to sync your files with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and even more. The user interface is going to take some getting used to, but if you are willing to can get around this, it appears that you have found a winner at your hands.


  • A web program that doesn’t require that you sign in or make an account It supports many different web browsers including Chrome OS
  • You can conveniently sync files from cloud platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox for easier access


  • Comprehensive tools similar to the ones comprised in Microsoft Visio commonly are not present here
  • The interface could take some getting used to base on your individual preference

OpenOffice Draw

For getting a Visio alternative, it has not been a preferred choice your hand placement able to create plans, diagrams, plus flowcharts. The app also might use the mixing of shapes to create professional-looking flowcharts.

OpenOffice Draw also features the same user interface to Microsoft Visio, and that means you will feel right at home when setting about to utilize it for the maiden voyage. Moreover, this app will potentially be free for your foreseeable future, negating the difficulty of single payout cent for one.

Other than this, I don’t have any paid plans provided, no annoying advertisements running, or trial limits displayed. Unfortunately, because the application is undoubtedly not web-based, you should download it for Mac, Windows, or Linux computer.


  • Open-source software so users can develop and also make changes to improve it if and when they like similar interface to Visio will allow users to save yourself some time and begin working right away running ads and having no trial limits that you should start paying afterward


  • No ChromeOS support
  • No web-based application, so you will download it.


With Cacoo’s easy-to-use interface, technical and non-technical, the workforce alike can collaborate on diagrams in real-time. Active cursors show precisely who’s focusing on what, plus the history feature ensures you will never lose significant version as you go.

Just invite the experts, and shared folders and user management options will continue your diagrams secure, yet very easy to access through your team.


  • Real-time collaborative editing100s of templates and shape
  • dynamic charts
  • Shared folders and user management
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Exporting, embedding, and link sharing options
  • Import Visio files right into Cacoo


  • Nothing

Final Words

Using Microsoft Visio would possibly not always be the best choice for you, given its current pricing and other cosmetic changes. With these alternatives to Microsoft Visio, you are liberal to try out different options, so we are confident that you will find one based on your liking.