Microsoft will not Step into Self-Driving Car Manufacturing


Microsoft will not step into the self-driving car manufacturing field as said by the company,s head of the business department, Peggy Johnson in a conference in Hong Kong. But the company will work on what Google does, and that is to provide software or a complete package of the deal to another automobile manufacturer. The company plans on working with an internal software manufacturer and manager to handle the self-driving car concept rather than manufacturing cars.

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Google recently made partners with Fiat to power up minivans with its autonomous car technology. Google is very much into the manufacturing concept unlike what Microsoft is planning to do, and this might be a bold move for Microsoft itself. We will be assisting other companies who require an operating system for cars and will provide them with the necessary software and handles transcription of what Mr. Johnson said during the conference.

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Harman, the automobile service providing company, has collaborated with Microsoft to add Outlook to its new infotainment system. This will be the first time when we will get to see the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. within the car itself. This will help people with long traveling hours work within their vehicle itself rather than be worrying about laptops or phones dying battery.

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Microsoft still has to make long-term partners for the autonomous technology part, but it has successfully provided software to companies like Ford, Nissan in the past. The self-driving car is the future of a comfortable ride, and Microsofts AI will kick off with time.


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