Microsoft Cortana Update is Really Good


We have already seen Apple is working towards its virtual assistant named Siri. Not only Apple but other top companies are also working towards it. We have seen Cortana in Windows smartphones that are being sold by Microsoft. Every company is bringing updates to their virtual assistant and similarly, Microsoft Cortana update is also on its way. Most of the people today are talking about Siri, Google Now, and others but not about Cortana.

Microsoft also wants people to talk about its product. They also want people to join the conversation about Cortana which is the one and only virtual assistant. During the Microsoft Build Developer Conference which was held on Monday where we have heard about the big update on Windows that the company is working towards Cortana. As per Microsoft, they are working towards adding new features to Cortana. With these new features, Cortana will be able to control the objects in the home like lighting, ACs, etc.

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Another new update about Cortana we came to know is that Microsoft is working towards its calendar integration so that the system will be able to track the flights and be able to notify correctly about the commitments made in emails. This may also lead to conflicts and confusion for Cortana but let’s see what Microsoft Cortana update will bring for us.

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The more deep point about Cortana is the hardware that it will use. We can say that if Cortana can start from a PC then surely it will be able to reach Amazons Alexa. For now, Microsoft didn’t share much about it.

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We understand that if you are using Windows 10, then you might have come across the Cortana but you might haven’t been able to activate the voice search. You don’t have to worry as you are not alone, many are there with you. As per Microsoft, the voice assistant software is not ready completely.


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