Meizu Pro 6 is the first 10 Core Smartphone


Have you ever heard of the company name Meizu? This is yet another Chinese company that manufactures budget-friendly smartphones. Though there are many companies that make the poor quality body and buggy software, on the other hand, there are companies that like Xiaomi, Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo, etc. that actually make good quality Smartphone and then they sell them at a budget-friendly price.

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What’s Unique?

Another company named Meizu is in the market, and they have launched Meizu Pro 6 which has a deca-core processor. That right it has 10 Core processor clocked at 2.5 GHz. The phone is well installed with a 21MP camera along with a ring flash to it. This processor is powered with 4GB of RAM and has a minimum of 32GB of internal memory. The price of this is around $385.

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Difference between its predecessor

Last year the company also launched Meizu Pro 5 which has a metallic design. The same metallic design is followed in Meizu Pro 6 phone. The only difference is with the screen size. The Meizu Pro 6 has a reduced screen size of 5.2 inches when compared to Meizu Pro 5 which has a 5.7 inches screen and has a slight curve on the corners.

The screen provided is full HD and have 21 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera. The phone is available in two versions of 32GB and 64GB. As per the company, the phone has lots of new and good looks, and some are even unheard of in the smartphone world yet.

Ring Flash Benefit

The ring flash is awesomely placed at the center of the back of the Meizu Pro 6 and around the laser autofocus assisting sensor. We still can’t say what effect it will have on the photo quality, but when it comes to looks, it looks awesome. There is also a unique thing which is 10 cores MediaTek Helio X25 processor and supercharged 4GB of RAM. Concerning performance, it is really impressive and smooth.

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What’s good?

Another new feature that we get in Meizu Pro 6 is the 3D touchscreen. It looks like Meizu is using Apple touch technology in order to implement 3D touch. We have already seen many Chinese phones that have a 3D feature. But as we know this feature needs good quality and strong software support. The other things that include are an ultra-fast fingerprint sensor. Meizu claims the recognition time of 0.2 seconds. It also has a USB Type-C Cirrus Logic CS43L36 audio chip, and as per Meizu, this new system provides an excellent audio experience.


The 32GB version of this phone costs around $385 and for the 64GB version, you will have to pay $432.


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