Marketing on Instagram: What Should You Know?


Do you realize how to use IG for your enterprise’s sake? Are you satisfied with the number of interactions with your brand? Would you like to increase the number of supporters on IG? Do not know why you need an Instagram like bot? On IG, you tell the visual story of your trademark, communicate with your fans, and collect user content by organizing contests. Or not? Read till the end, and you’ll learn all the blunt truth!

IG is a prominent platform to communicate with clients. This network has more than 1 billion active users per month, it counts 4.2 billion likes daily. Using IG for your business correctly, you can achieve immediate marketing success.  This article will reveal major IG marketing tips that will help you advertise your brand there more effectively.

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Build your own brand strategy

Simultaneously with the starting your commercial acc, think over how you will present your company. IG content strategy should concentrate on a unique vision of life. There we share visual content. Therefore, it is imperative to find your style and stick to it.

Use hashtags

instagram hashtag generator

They are an integral part of IG. Thanks to them, users can get access to your content quickly. That’s why, choose the most suitable and relevant tags for your posts. There are some essential points you need to keep in mind.

First, do not use only popular tags like #love #instagood #photooftheday #picoftheday #beautiful #fashion #followme #instadaily #happy #smile #photography #me #follow #likeforlike #girl. They are good in small quantities only. Put 2 or 3 of them. Other tags should be more specific if not narrow.

Second, do not put down the same tags in every post. Use a instagram hashtag generator to come up with new suitable tags. It’s a cutting edge tool which produces tags either by a photo, a keyword, or an URL.

Concentrate on your supporters

Make them popular. Show them that they are important by sharing their photos. But do not forget to ask for approval to publish.

Starbucks is one of the top three IG brands. It regularly uses this tactic. Every few weeks, Starbucks selects the best photo of their clients with their product. And they love it believe me.

Prioritize the communication with followers using IG bot

Like the content of your supporters. Express your attitude towards them by leaving likes. Use special automation tool to find them by hashtags they use and set up the mass-liking. Your client will be happy, you will boost sales consequently.

Comment on their photos. Leave a couple of comments for your fans. Again, it is unlikely that you can send 15 000 comments by yourself. Use automatic comments feature to deal with that. That’s much faster: you need to write pleasant comment samples, a bot will send them to your fans.

Do not disregard fans’ comments. If someone leaves a reply to your post, please do the same. This is extremely vital if the comment contains a question or a negative review of your brand. Use IG bot to track such comments. Some of such tools can automatically delete negative comments. That will help you to maintain the brand’s reputation.

Engage your supporters

Use call-to-action. Invite them to comment on your photo. This way you will draw extra attention and show them that you value their viewpoint.

Ask people to discuss your company. Ask them when they used your product last time. Ask questions about their lifestyle or about their ways of solving common problems. Act like a blogger. For instance, if you are presenting a bakery, ask what cookie your followers like most. It will increase the ER of your acc audience.

Use the benefits of mobile app

Add geotags to your posts, show your supporters where you are located.

Invite your offline customers to IG. Use QR-codes so that visitors of your offline stores can easily find you on IG and follow. Offer them coupons as a reward.

Improve ROI performance

Publish regularly. So users will see your brand updates more often and are more likely to start buying more from you. Make use of automation tool. They obtain the function of scheduled posting.

Discover the most suitable posting time. The most appropriate time to post on IG varies with each brand. Use analytic tools to determine when your photos get more appreciation. Publish new content only at the most active time.

Track results

Marketing on Instagram

Use special analytics services and track the number of new supporters, likes and comments. Based on the results, make your content more stunning. If a certain type of content attracts a vast number of new fans and likes, try to use it more often. Constantly improve yourself and your strategy.

And do not forget to track the trends. IG is continuously emerging in new ways of audience attraction.

Now you know what is essential while running your business on IG. Hope you find these tips helpful. Best wishes!