Mark is Working on the New Facebook Camera App

As we all know facebook is all around us. Facebook is huge and we all know that it wont leave us. Most of us are already using many facebook apps like facebook messenger and official facebook app. As per the latest reports that we have heard is that Facebook has started working on their new camera app.

This new Facebook camera app will help the users to click more selfies and pics and directly upload them to facebook. Though this new feature seems like it is copied from facebook’s new companion Whatsapp but this new platform will give users the more personal touch.

The New Facebook Camera App

As per the report of The Information, Facebook is suffering from 21% loss in terms of broadcasting in the year 2015 when compared to 2014 reports. Though this true that whenever we log in to our facebook profiles we see a huge number of nude and semi-nude pics of girls, a bulk of viral stuff, funny videos etc. but what we do not see there are the real and genuine posts shared by friends, colleagues, and relatives. In short, today facebook has turned into a place for marketers more than the genuine users.


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Details about the New Facebook Camera App

In order to cover up this issue, facebook has started implementing new strategies and hopefully we will see a number of original posts rather than the promotional stuff on our profile. Have you ever think why you get notification from messenger asking you to share pics with your contacts on facebook? The truth behind this is that itsa new way of facebook to use face recognition but this belongs from a bigger project. We also came to know that the new facebook camera app will be added to this project and it will be connected to this project somehow.

Facebook already made a mistake. But on the other hand, snap chat and Instagram are designed to generate interest on the users to use these features and post original content. At the moment when we see facebook has become a content consuming thing. You will see many goods and bad and garbage posts. But most of the stuff come from websites and marketers but not from your friends and family members as per your expectations.


The details about the new project are less and so we won’t be able to share more about it. We only got the details of the prototype of this app. The UI of this new facebook camera app is almost same as snap chat. As per the rumors, the user will directly be able to publish the pics from the camera app.

Don’t be too excited as its only on the initial stage, and many companies already closed many similar projects without launching them. We think that we will see much more details about this app.Till then kindly share your views regarding this new app.

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