Ring!!! Ring!!!

A Phone Call? A Text Message?

On messenger? Whatsapp? Facebook?

Whoa. A new game?

Selfie/Say Cheese A Click Instagram? Snapchat? Whatsapp?

These are all the voices around these days, enjoyable and entertaining for teens, but irritating for the parents. Parents keep on trying to cope with the situation and thinking about how they can make the use of cell phones beneficial and appropriate for their kids.

Some parents do it forcefully which can offend their children and later themselves too. Some people try to do it with love and politeness which can result in making their children more ruined as kids can take their gestures too lightly. So I think, we can make it with a mixture of both. Parents, at first have to make some rules for cell phone usage. After doing so, they will have to make an extra effort to make their teens follow those rules. To do that, here are seven tips that work!

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Convey consequences from the beginning

Many problems can be solved through negotiations. So, negotiate with your kid that you will only buy them a cell phone if they are gonna follow the Cell Phone Rules. Make them convince of this. Take a promise (If necessary) that, they will follow all the rules made by you and give them a warning of shunning away from the devices in case they break the rules, beforehand. Do it (when required)

Determine timings for cell phone usage

Ask your kids, Don’t use cell phones early in the morning or in the later hours at night.

The morning should start with an exercise or a walk for a healthy mind and body, so take them for a morning walk. Likewise, staying up late at night using the cell phone is harmful to the eyes and can lead to mental health problems. So, Do Not allow kids to use it. Set a Turn Off time for cell phone and make sure it is turned off like at 9:00 or 9:30 p.m.

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Use Parental Control App

You can resolve the technical issue with the help of technology; as diamond cuts the diamond.

After making all the above efforts, keep an eye on your child’s cell phone to check whether they are following your rules or not. Family Time is a powerful parental control app, that can help you monitor and manage your teen’s cell phone use.

You can easily have a look at what they do with their device and check their call history, Web history, list of installed apps, contacts, bookmarks, etc. Not only this, but the app also empowers you to take control and lock their devices remotely. Sounds unbelievable, try it yourself. Download the app now and from iTunes, Google Play, or in a jiffy from buttons below:

PlayStore, iTunes

No cell phone at the dining table or family time

Using a cell phone while breakfast, lunch, or dinner seems unethical and can be offensive sometimes. This will not allow kids to focus on their meals. Secondly, the busy life these days only provides family time on the dining table. So it should be spent in face to face conversations instead of chatting and Facebooking.

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Restrict usage while studying/homework

A pop-up sound!!! Hey, check the new post!!

It’s a temptation to check on the cell phone… Certainly not good while studying, as homework and study demand more than 100 % attention. So there is no compromise on studies. Cell phones should be switched off or kept on charging in another room to avoid distractions.

The present cell phone as a tool of learning and information

The benefit or harm of anything is dependent on its usage. Thus, ask your teen to use their cell phone for learning and getting information instead of gaming, long chats, and phone calls.

Keep communication lines open

Keep communicating and make them feel comfortable so that they can tell you when they are in trouble or if they are getting inappropriate messages or calls, etc. Make your teens feel that they can trust you enough to talk to you if they are facing any kind of harassment or bullying through cell phones.

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Parenting is really a demanding job, it has to be done with great care. Parents should not lose their nerves in any case while tackling their teens. Make proper use of given ways to teach your teens the cell phone rules and etiquettes. A little care and responsible attitude can make your parenting easy and manageable.


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