Make your iPhone more productive with the best iPhone apps


Your iPhone is meant to be your best pal, who will make sure things are well and good for you. This can only happen if you let your iPhone do that for you. Here is a list of the best iPhone apps which you should install so as to make your iPhone even more productive:

1. TeeVee 3: The ones who have always hated missing their favorite TV shows have a reason to smile! The TeeVee 3 app will come with a calendar for all the shows which you love. You can simply choose to follow your favorite shows and your iPhone will do the rest for you. It is available for free.

2. Duolingo: This is a great app to learn those basic parts of a language with a fee of a few percentages of your battery! Yes, that is right; this app is available for free and can be used without spending anything.

3. Periscope: This app will let you stream live videos on Twitter, just like Meerkat. You can now let your followers interact by commenting on the view. This app will make your friends envy you!

4. Netflix: You can never get any app that will stream movies, shows, news and sports for you like the way Netflix does. It is available at a subscription cost of $8 a month.

5. Jobbik Player: This app lets users queue up their favorite video playlists from Apple’s iTunes. This one is available for free. You can play them on any AirPlay gadget.

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