How to Make Fake Receipt When Original One is Stolen


Some cases are often found like you forgot your receipt or you are an entrepreneur, and you don’t have skills for creating your receipts or you don’t have much time for these kinds of stuff and suppose someone says to help you but ask for payment.

For preventing and avoiding yourself from all the cases explained above, web-based receipt creator tools are here to help you generate custom and fake receipts without anything to pay or even installing and downloading on your computer.

For this, we prefer online tools that are quite obvious also because you don’t have to install heavy software which makes your computer slower. You just need to visit a particular site, follow its Performs, fill the blank fields with appropriate values and items, admire the preview, and download it to your PC.

Anyway, the below-described tools have the ability to generate fake receipts and custom invoices on the web. While few of them are famous for any type of receipt and few are useful for specific receipts such as gas receipt maker, taxi receipt creator or generator, or country-specific also such as a gas receipt for USA or Gas receipt for Canadians, etc. Which one tool is famous for which purpose? And for which type of creator or maker you are looking for? In the description of each individual, we will be mentioning with bold lines for what this generator is popular, so it will be easy for you to pick one up and accomplish your needs.

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An entrepreneur is too occupied with strategies to develop his business that taking out all time and designing the invoice becomes an impossible task. Therefore, online invoice and receipt maker tools come handy for creating the most eye-catching and obvious impact easily within few minutes. You just have to fill those blank fields with details, and you will get an exact invoice receipt. You will be able to generate your own fake receipts of many types by picking up a tool and then proceeding steps as discussed.


Redoreceipt helps you to generate your fake receipt of any type including a drug store, ATM, fast food, taxi, restaurant receipts, and a few more which are what we think the most wanted and for what type of receipt you are searching, will create through this tool. This tool actually has a pre-made receipt in which you can do editing according to your needs and wishes.

Firstly just pick a receipt type(by clicking on a receipt name just above the editor) and do all the desirable editing, after this, you will have two options Save or Print mentioned at the top right side of the editor. Save options will save custom receipt that you made to your account while selecting the other option, you will get live preview and download will start by right click. But one thing you need to be careful about in both cases, it requires login otherwise your receipt will have a watermark in the center. But don’t worry one thing is in your favor-signing up is easy and free. So before saving and printing, signup with a free account and then proceed as described above.


The Makereceipt tool is a web-based receipt generator tool for generating fake fuel receipts directly within a browser. Makereceipt is a specialized tool for Canadians people who had lost or forgotten their gas receipt and wanting a fake receipt. It doesn’t require logging in or any registration. The process is very easy; first, you have to calculate the fuel quantity and total price with its built-in calculator. Calculation of totals is such that- enter the price per liter or gallon in the first box and is followed by a number of litters or gallon box, by entering both quantities, this will calculate the total and will this total to the receipt automatically.

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After this calculation, fill the remaining fields by the appropriate values and details but make sure that you had chosen the right country (under gas station) and measure. Once you had completed, click on create/update receipt so it will show you the live preview which can further be saved to your computer by right click and select save as option.

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