Leave Your Business With the Door Unlocked?


(Ad) It’s 5 pm on a Friday. You have just finished a busy week running your business. You retired and grumpy – it hasn’t been a great day. Your employees left half an hour ago. The computers are shut down and you check everything is secure. You switch the lights off, grab your briefcase, and head out of the door. You put the key in the door and turn it without even thinking. So its a surprise when the key jams.

You doubt yourself and take the key out it is the right one. You try again; it doesn’t work. You struggle with it for a while, becoming increasingly frustrated and desperate for the lock to work. Despite your grumpiness, you have been looking forward to a special meal with your partner at

What do you do?

Let’s face it excepting a real emergency no business owner would ever knowingly leave the door of their business unlocked. You call a locksmith, of course, wait in the business until he arrives  (she does at 6 pm typical!), by which time you have already canceled the meal and called your partner to explain. Shame!

Having a Website with Poor Security is the Equivalent of Leaving the Door to Your Business Open

You might just get away with it. But, faced with the above circumstance, would the risk really be worth it? Of course not! You go for a nice meal to cheer yourself up but come back to work the following day the business emptied of its contents and insurance invalid.

The majority of business owners who fail to ensure they have adequate website security only do so because they don’t understand the risks

Three ways hackers can impact your business

Hackers can

  1. Steal and wipe your data, including bank account details and sensitive business information.
  2. Gather your customer’s confidential information bank details included!
  3. Spread malware via your network. Hacking one computer can provide the gateway to hacking others, potentially affecting all of your digital assets.

These are just some of the many ways hackers can make running your business a nightmare and potentially impact both your reputation and finances.

Pen Testing Keeps the Locks on Your Digital Assets Secure

Penetration Pen Testing is a great way to ensure your website is robust enough to stop hackers in their tracks. Tests mimic an attack on your website and your network systems. The results help you to understand the quality of your technology’s security, and where areas of weakness are. Pen Testing services offer advice and help you to find the right solutions for your business. They look at all cases individually budget, size of the company, network, web system, so the rests really are bespoke to you and your business.

However, one test isn’t a long-term fix. Hackers are always finding new ways around online security systems. The good news is that quality pen testing services offer up-to-the-minute hacking knowledge, meaning that they understand the current and coming hacking trends. This can help you to keep one step ahead of the hackers. This means it is important to run tests regularly in order to avoid an attack.

Look out for a Pen Testing Service approved by CREST (The Council for Registered Ethical Security Testers), CESG (The Communications-Electronics Security Group), and PCI (Payment Card Industry). Approval from these three organizations ensures you get a good, well-rounded service from specialists in the key areas of data security and compliance.

It is often possible for Pen testers to remotely hack your system. This makes it a more cost-effective, convenient solution, and means you’ll hardly notice regular testing. It’s good to be safe in the knowledge that you are secure, without the inconvenience of a visit every few weeks or months. It also means you can run an uninterrupted service to both your customers and employees.

Digital Assets = Physical Assets

Thinking about online security in a physical context can help you to understand just how important it is; these days, keeping your data and technology safe it is on a par with maintaining the security of your shop or offices.

Just as you employ a well-reputed locksmith to fix a lock on your home or business, it’s vital to find a quality Pen Testing Service for your network and website.

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Running a business can be stressful; that’s why it’s important to give yourself all the peace of mind you can get. A 2016 study found that 47% of the world’s population has access to the internet, so theoretically any of these people could be a hacker; imagine all of these people potentially having access to the keys or security code to your business! Having strong online security removes the doubt and worry you may feel about your technology, and helps you to focus on running your business.

Pen Testing presents a cost-effective solution to a tricky problem you have to take advice from the experts. Don’t take a shortcut; regular Pen Testing from an approved provider will ensure your digital assets are as safe as they possibly can be.

What is your approach to online security? Do you feel safe online?

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