Technology that can Charge your Devices without any Wires

The new technology of wireless charging will surely change your life. Imagine that you don’t have to run behind the charging socket for your devices, you don’t have to look for the power adapters; you just have to park your electronic car and it will get charged automatically.

As per Energous Corporation, the day is near when we will be able to charge all our devices wirelessly. This technology is same as today’s Wi-Fi connection that allows us to connect all our devices through internet using one single Wi-Fi connection. This system will use radio waves as the medium that are available in abundant in the atmosphere.

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There are many companies in the world who are working over this technology. There are many bloggers who have discussed about this system long back and this was under the category of future technology. As per Energous, this new technology will be available for the users by the next year or so.

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