Many new rumors are coming about the leaked iPhone 7 design. Here are some rumors that seems to be looking like truth.

It seems like Apple is gambling with the new and upcoming iPhone 7. The most controversial thing is the removal of the headphone jack, and its not the only one thing, two more significant changes have been made to the upcoming iPhone 7 and as per the rumors, these changes are going to be very popular.

Change in Design

The first and the foremost change is the design which Apple is trying to do for long. As per the leaked iPhone 7 design rumors, the Apple will kill the bulge seen on the back of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. As per leaked iPhone 7 design rumors, the iPhone 7 will have the true flush rear camera after iPhone 5S which was launched in the year 2013.

These changes are made in order to make the phone even slimmer than it is now. It seems it will be a win for both the designing teams and for the customers. There will not be any camera right and the best thing about this design is that, the camera won’t come in contact when you place the phone on your table top.

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The only downside as per MacRumors is that Apple will not be able to implement its hyped dual-camera technology. Furthermore, we can expect Samsung to install the flush camera in its new flagship phone Galaxy S7 which is going to launch later in March 16.

Another Design Change

Many new leaked iPhone 7 design rumors also say that there is a declaration about iPhone 7 related to its antenna bands. As per the rumors this antenna bands will be installed at the back of the phone, this will give the phone a cleaner look and will provide some kind of anti-slip texture.

On the other hands if Apple uses its aluminum technology, then they will have to give the antennas at the edge of the phone so that the antennas will be able to give their 100% at the time of operation and this may give a bit of un-uniform design to the phone.

Why this Debate?

This debate will never seem to be an end because every year we see one or the other change in the features of the phone though some are good and some seem normal. It seems like the slimness is the major factor that will also increase battery life.


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