Latest Facebook Update will Categorize Everything Posted


Facebooks a new AI  DeepText

Facebook Engineers have developed a new AI called DeepText which claims to understand each and everything posted on Facebook. The DeepText can understand up to 20 languages which can be done by it several times in a second. The latest Facebook update features with the AI DeepText to identify the spam or unwanted messages on the Facebook.

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The name itself DeepText indicates deep learning. Facebook also hopes to make the use of DeepText in such a way to understand the individual, people, events, and places within the posts. The latest Facebook update with AI DeepText will also help the seller in selling their products. For example, someone has posted something to sell DeepText will grab all the relevant information and will suggest the seller, to use the Facebook sales tool to worldwide their products with ads.

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The software has allowed itself to learn the human languages itself and relate the words with each other to construct maps accordingly. The latest Facebook update with AI DeepText will refine the information and will remove all the unwanted spams and unwanted replies. The DeepText is built-in with the neural network which can understand the human language and can give near-human accuracy too with its deep learning of textual content. The difficulty of computers to understand the human language has come to an end with the developed software. The software will be able to disambiguate the sentence  I like Apple referring either fruit or IOS phone.

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