Latest Best Android Tablet Apps You Must Have


The Google play store has immensely grown in recent years. It provides you apps for catering to nearly all your needs. From waking up to rolling off to sleep, the Google play store has every kind of useful apps for various daily activities.

On the one hand, there is an attendance diary for students who get restless of their participation in schools and colleges, on the contrary, there are applications like B612, You Cam perfect, Retrica for selfie lovers.

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Because of the uncountable number of apps being added to the google play store every other day, you will easily get lost in the sea of apps if you have no idea which app should you download. The best apps for the android tablet are as follows.

1. OfficeSuite 7 (PDF & HD)

The OfficeSuite 7 is amongst one of the Best Android mobile apps. For those who have a tablet, this app work wonders for them as well. This application comes in handy for viewing, creating, and editing Word documents. This application supports all the extensions like PDF files, PPT, Doc, Xls. It can easily integrate with several cloud services. Opening and editing texts and documents is a piece of cake in office suite 7.

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2. Papyrus App

The papyrus app is a free app on the Google play store. It is one of the best apps for android tablets. It helps you in taking notes. It is generally used by an e-pen but just like in real-time writing, and you can use your running hand too.

It has many must-have features for creation and publication. If you download and run the application for the first time, you will be presented with features of the requests and quick instructions to make your work easy.

3. Chrome Browser  Google

This is the most popular and widely used application available on the Google play store. The striking features of speed dialing, tabs, incognito mode, seamlessly synchronizing with the personal computer makes Google Chrome one of the best apps for the android tablet. Making it your default browser will your browsing tasks very fast. It is certainly amongst the best Android mobile apps

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4. Flipboard

This application acts as Your personal News Magazine. It is a news app bringing in various kinds of news from around the world. Along with serious news, this application brings you social news too. The appealing factor of this app is that you can easily convert all your social media profiles into a magazine for further reading and viewing.

This application enables you to keep a check on your news feed in a slightly different way than the traditional way. This application also allows you to post photos and comment on them. This application is certainly a creative way of managing your social media accounts. Twitter and Facebook can be directly used for this application.

5. Netflix

The Netflix app for Android users gives you the facility of watching favorite television shows from anywhere in the world. The movies which are streamed from the Netflix site can be easily viewed through any kind of internet connection.

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This is one of the best Android mobile apps for watching your favorite TV series as well. If you are a die-hard fan of some favorite movie or TV series, download this app.

6. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

It costs around 6.99$, but the game is worth entry penny. Since the last ten years, the free version of grand theft auto has been ruling the gaming world. It’s a common addiction. The Android version of the grand theft auto is exactly like the traditional version. The storyline along with the place of the game remains the same.

The San Andreas city is your playground in the virtual world. It’s up to you if you want to create a scene in the city or just wander in the streets of the town in the stolen police car. This version of the grand theft auto has been customized especially for tablet and phone users. The graphics have been remastered, and the control schemes have been reshuffled, and this version supports Bluetooth as well.

7. Snapseed

It is one of the best Android tablet apps for photo editing purposes. The Nik Software made it, and Google took over the Nik software in September 2012. Download it, and it will become one of your favorite photo-editing application. It gives you an experience of professional editing.

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This application possesses a tablet-optimized interface that cab zoom up to 2500x. It enables you to tune your images and getting a first-class image. Snapseed offers you many filter options like black and white and vintage. Add them to make your photos look classy and attractive. You can even transform your images into looking like it has been taken from a timeworn camera ages ago.

The modern addition of an HDR Scape filter has made this app one of the fabulous apps for getting a world-class image.

8. TabletSMS

This is a useful application for your tablet. Powered by the Android iOS, it lets you text anyone from your tablet by just activating your personal phone number. Its quite a simple, and easy to use application. Start by installing Desk SMS on your smartphone and tablet SMS in your tablet for a real chat with your new and dear ones. This is one of the best Android tablet apps.

9. Spotify

This app is free on the Google play store, but you will have to pay $10 for subscribing to it. But taking or not taking up the subscription is entirely your decision. Spotify has risen as the uncrowned unbeatable king of music streaming applications. Earlier, the free users were allowed access to radio services only.

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Presently, the Spotify on Android enables you to listen to any artist or album. You can also create a custom playlist on a shuffle simply free of cost. But, if you have a few extra bucks to spare, go ahead and get a subscription of 9.99$ a month for world-class music experience. The subscription is enabled with an ad-free music listening experience. You can also download the music tracks for listening when you are in the offline mode.


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