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San Fransisco’s Moscone Center will be hosting the Googles annual developer conference in less than a week and the geeks from all around the world will be gathered so that they can polish their coding skills and check out some latest new technologies. It is needless to say that we will also keep an eye on the announcements Google may make. Frankly speaking, Google may likely give a demo of the upcoming Android operating system. They may make some announcements related to Android Wear, Android Auto, and Android TV.

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As we have seen, Google has named the major Android OS according to the names of candy or some pastries, but now the codename of upcoming Android is “Android M” which could be anything from Marshmallow to Muffins or something like Milky Way, so you can try guessing it out. We have heard the rumors that Android 5.2 will be released soon, but the news of Android 6.0 can never be neglected.

In terms of features, Android M is shaping up with an evolutionary upgrade. The main focus of this development is to enhance the existing features by implementing a huge number of new ones as well. There are things that may remain the same as the looks and feel of the stock UI. Since its an upgrade, there will be bug fixes along with added security for sure.

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According to rumors, Android M will be the most enterprise-friendly than the previous ones. This will bring all kinds of Android power in one place.

So let’s wait and see what we get in the end.


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