Know About the Google Self Driving Car Accident

Google has been at the forefront of technological development in many sectors in the past couple of decades. In the smartphone and tablet industry, this tech giant toppled Apple from its position of supremacy and the two companies are now neck-to-neck in the battle for market dominance. In the virtual reality segment, the Google Glass was a pioneer product that introduced scope and incentives for other companies to develop products and enhances them.

Yet another favorite product by Google was its self-driving car, an automated car that entirely solved the problem of stress and exhaustion while driving. However, this car has recently been reported to have got into its first head-on collision. Read on to know more about the Google self-driving car accident.

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Past incidents

This car by Google was launched more than half a decade ago and its revolutionary features, as well as the ease it offered, was a major incentive for many buyers to gravitate towards it. As a result, many self-driving cars by Google have been on the roads since 2009. In this span of 7 years, there have been 12-14 reported incidents of accidents involving these cars. However, all these accidents involved bumping of another vehicle into the rear end of this car. No casualties were reported.

The Incident

The incident has been reported to have taken place in the state of California on the Mountain View road. This accident took place on the 14th of February, 2016. It is a sigh of relief for Google as well as the future of automated vehicles that no casualties were reported in this incident either. The google self-driving car accident took place when the car was moving at a mere 2mph while the bus it collided with was traveling at 15mph. The car sustained damages to its fenders and bumpers but the occupants of the bus have been reported to be unharmed.

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Googles response

The authorities did not react in any manner to the situation and it has been waived off as a minor incident owing to the subtle nature of damages and no significant loss of public property. However, this did not stop Google from owning up to the incident and promising further tests and development to avoid google self-driving car accidents in the future. It is expected that more details will be revealed by the company in the monthly meeting it holds to track the progress of its automated car program.

Losses and Liabilities

The situation seems to have been handled efficiently with neither Google nor the authorities likely to push the incident through legal channels. The DMV authorities are now analyzing and preparing a report on the liabilities which we expect will be minuscule; considering the bus suffered minor damages.

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Google has announced its willingness to co-operate with the authorities and the damage suffered by the car will be borne by the tech-company. That said, it is indeed the first time a google self-driving car accident occurred and could act as a setback in the development of this genre of products.

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