Kickstart Your Music Career And Be A Social Media Star With These Instagram Hacks


Starting a career in music is one of the significant decisions that any artist ever makes in their life. The industry is full of talented artists from all around the world. It takes a lot of effort, strategic promotions to score profitable gigs or music projects.

To become a successful music artist, you can not overlook the importance of social media in 2020. Many celebrities and artists outsource their promotions to a reputed Instagram agency for better results.

Instagram is one such platform that allows music artists to build a massive following. It has transformed the way users consume and share visual content. Below are some of the best Instagram tips that can grow your music career.

Choose A Memorable Username

The most basic and very first step to master Instagram is to have a unique username that people won’t forget. Most artists spend a lot of time, effort, and research in selecting a username.

While choosing the username for your Instagram account, always keep the following things in mind.

  • Stay relevant to the music industry.
  • Do not use difficult words.
  • Avoid using too many special characters.
  • Be original and creative.

Use A Business Profile With A compelling Bio

If you want to make the most of Instagram, make sure you use a business profile as it offers useful insights and analytics. A personal account does not provide such features, and you won’t be able to stand out in the industry.

The bio is the first thing checked by a user after they land on your Instagram profile. Be creative and introduce yourself smartly along with the links to your channel or website. Keep your bio short, crisp, and to the point so that users do not feel overwhelmed.

Create A Content Strategy With Storytelling

Make sure you do proper research about your audience as it will help you plan your content strategy effectively. You can experiment with different kinds of posts to know what works and what does not. Pay close attention to the engagement rate and optimize accordingly.

If there is one thing that every music artist is doing is telling their story. Sharing your music journey on Instagram can do wonders for your following. A compelling story has the power to move people as it connects at a much deeper and emotional level.

Not just music artists but brands, businesses, and organizations are using the power of storytelling on Social Media. Since the music industry is creative in itself, you can easily make the most of storytelling on Instagram.

Know When To Post

All your efforts can go in vain if you don’t know the right time to post. Analyze when you get the maximum visibility and engagement and plan your post accordingly. It is critically important that you score at least some engagement on your posts so that you get more traffic.

Leverage Hashtags & Other Instagram Features

Hashtags are one of the most prominent digital tools that have the power to create enormous success for campaigns. Just like any other platform, the Instagram algorithm also reads hashtags and ranks posts accordingly.

Make sure you use relevant hashtags while posting on Instagram. Avoid using too many hashtags in your captions, as it can harm your credibility.

Apart from the mentioned tips, make sure you use Instagram features such as Instagram live, reels, story, stickers, much more strategically. Instagram users are quite used to these features and will instantly relate with them if you use them smartly.

Post Consistently & Drive Engagement

Your followers will lose interest in a short time if you do not show up daily. When your audience starts consuming your content, they develop some expectations from you.

Make sure you stay active on Instagram and engage with your followers regularly. It builds trust among your followers and also helps you be credible.

If you want to succeed as a music artist on Instagram, all you have to do is keep the engagement rate up. The algorithm of Instagram is designed in a way that it promotes posts with higher engagement rates. Encourage followers to comment on your posts so that you can build a better profile.

Make Best Of Videos

People love watching interesting and thought-provoking videos on social media. One of the top reasons behind the increased video consumption is our decreasing attention span. Make sure your videos grab attention in the first second so that users can engage with your content.

Sync With Facebook & Twitter

If you post the same content on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter, you must consider syncing them together. It will streamline your social media efforts, and you will be able to work more efficiently.

Tag Venues and Collaborate With Other Artists

As a music artist, chances are all your photos are taken on a popular venue. Do not forget to tag these locations as it will allow users to discover your content with the help of geotagging. You can also tag other artists in your content as it shows collaborative effort, which leaves a better impact on the user.

Choosing a career in the music industry requires social skills. You must be comfortable working with other artists if you want to grow in this space.

You can collaborate with other artists on Instagram to reach the maximum number of users. It will not only help you gain visibility but will also improve your online reputation.

Use Analytical tools

There are many analytical tools in the industry that can help you understand your audience better and make better decisions. Make sure you use analytical insights while optimizing your content and ads.

You can also reach out to several agencies that offer Instagram marketing service to artists, influencers, and celebrities.


Instagram was just a photo-sharing app back in the days, but today, it has become one of the most popular social media sites. Make sure you leverage the presence of millions of users on Instagram to show your talent to the world.

Now that you know how you can succeed in Instagram marketing, develop a content strategy that aligns with your career goals.


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