Is It Time for a Redesign? 7 Hallmarks of Horrible Websites


Have you checked your site lately? Does it look like a relic of the past?

You need to determine if it’s time for a redesign or if you can still get by with what you have. The efficiency and aesthetics of your site could make or break any chance of success.

Don’t fret if you have no idea what to look for. There are tangible factors that make up horrible websites. We’ve got them listed below for you to go through.

Audit your site and see if it has any of these issues:

1. Site is Too Slow

It’s a fast-paced world and your site has to keep up with the times. Studies show people abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Even Google’s algorithms now take into consideration.

After all, page speed directly correlates to user experience (UX). The slower your pages are, the more people leave and this increases your bounce rate. If you maintain lightning-fast pages, visitors won’t have a problem and may stay long enough to engage in some form of conversion.

2. You Still Use Flash

Flash was the King of the Hill a few years back. Almost every website had some form of Flash animation running, whether for a splash page or a presentation in the background. That era faded away due to one nagging issue: Flash causes the slowdown.

Going back to tip no. 1, you should prioritize speed. Flash is clunky, slow, and these animations don’t do anything for your visitors. These are simply fancy animations but people can’t use them to subscribe, purchase, or contact you.

Get rid of Flash. You have to if you plan to keep your site running and compatible. Even Google Chrome won’t support it after December 2020.

3. Splash Page

Check your landing pages and home page. If it still has a splash page, you need a site redesign.

Horrible websites often feature a splash page, a relic design of the early to mid-2000s. Splash pages, like Flash animation, don’t do anything for your visitors. It welcomes them and shows off fancy art or animation, but it’s another hurdle visitors have to overcome.

Visitors have to wait for the splash page to load. Once it loads, they have to click on another button to get to the real home page or landing page they wanted to visit. Splash pages increase the effort visitors have to do and this can make them leave before they explore your site further.

Splash pages, like Flash, can also slow down your site. The cleaner, faster your site is the better. Get rid of splash pages and make sure links lead directly to landing pages, not to a page that brings people to the landing page.

4. Not Using a Responsive Design

Did you know more people use their mobile devices to get online compared to desktop computers? This goes to show you need to alter your website’s design to cater to both crowds. You also can’t simply design your site for one type of phone: there are dozens of smartphones in the market and each one has a different screen size.

You know you need a redesign if your site can’t keep up to this shifting trend. It’s time your website features a responsive design. This allows the design to slightly change, according to the visitor’s device and screen.

Does your site have two versions, one for desktop viewing and one for mobile? This is an older method of dealing with mobile users and it’s starting to get outdated. Platforms like Wix and WordPress stray away and now feature built-in responsive web design so it’s time your site follows suit.

5. Dated Aesthetics

One of the best signs of bad website design is the choice of font and layout. Fonts like Comic Sans simply won’t fit in with today’s focus on sleek designs.

Hit counters at the bottom of your site, looping music in the background, and animated mouse cursors all scream web design from the 1990s. It’ll be like a caveman coming out to modern-day New York if your site still features any of these.

Why is aesthetics important? If people visit your site and it looks like a fossil from the 1990s, they’ll assume you haven’t updated your site’s content. They are less likely to shop or subscribe since it seems like the site’s abandoned.

Drop these old aesthetics and opt for a sleek and efficient minimalist design.

If it looks like your site came from the Geocities era, it’s time for a redesign. Hire a professional website design agency to give your site an updated, modern look.

6. Broken Links and Outdated Pages

Common website mistakes include failure to audit and spot broken links or pages. It’s not always about how things look but also how things work. Go through your site and look for things that shouldn’t be there anymore.

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You might have a link leading to an outdated or deleted page. Update and get rid of those dead links.

Concerning this, make sure you update all the information on your site. If you moved the location of your physical office or if you changed office numbers, make sure your site reflects this! Featuring outdated information is like featuring broken links because people will try to follow through and hit a dead-end.

7. Outdated and Confusing UX

A clear sign of poorly designed websites is when they look and feel cluttered. Have you ever tried an old shopping site from the late 1990s or early 2000s? They often feature tables with uneven cell sizes, showcasing every item with no categories to keep things organized.

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Clutter isn’t the only sign of an outdated or confusing UX. Another hint is when people struggle to find basic things, such as contact information or the blog page. It shouldn’t be hard to get back to the top of a page or find the home page!

Avoid the Signs of Horrible Websites! Redesign Now!

Horrible websites and outdated designs feature one recurring issue: a horrible user experience. Slow pages, bad navigation, and splash pages all make it more difficult to explore your site and enjoy what your business has to offer. Hire a professional web design agency and fix your site today.

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Of course, boosting your site and sales doesn’t end with good web design. You’ll need expert SEO tips and a marketing strategy too. Fortunately, you can read up on more guides right here!.