2015 was a year which saw a remarkable increase in popularity of selfies, images taken on smartphones of oneself. Clicking exuberant selfies and posting them on social media was a trend that had millions following it steadfastly. Additionally, smartphone photography has been popular since its inception, owing to the versatility of the device and ease of which the images could be shared.

However, if you thought this was advanced technological progress, what Apple has in store is bound to change your perception. The popular new iPhone 6 has a built-in feature called iPhone live photos, one that has the masses holding on to their hats in excitement. In this article, we explore the utility of live photos iPhone, how it works and the different ways you can apply it in your smartphone usage.

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What are iPhone live photos?

  • If you look back a few months and examine the developments in the smartphone photography category, burst mode caused a decent amount of excitement. These images (or range of images rather) cut the audio and video aspect out and shot a series of photos in real time. This made for a virtual movie of sorts without actually containing sound or video elements.
  • Live photos in iPhone are the exact opposite of burst mode photos. These use a single frame picture, that is, the live photo is the picture frame captured exactly at the moment when you click on the shutter button. This image is frozen and saved as a standard picture.
  • At this point, the phone begins to download audio and video inputs. So your image is stored as a regular image, but if you choose to view the seconds of audio-video that succeeded/occurred before the image, you can do so by accessing memory.

Utility of these live photos

  • On the face of it, live photos iPhone might seem like one of those insignificance inventions that you can toy with but does not really add much value to your usage. However, this is a profoundly misconceived notion. Often, getting the perfect shot is about timing and a split second can make the difference between an average picture and a phenomenal picture.
  • With live photos iPhone, you capture all the video while clicking an image which makes sure you can select the perfect shot. Particularly in cases where high definition and perfectly timed images are required, such as in wildlife photography, iPhone live photos are a feature that takes your photography to the next level.
  • This means that your highly expensive and delicate DSLRS can now viably be replaced by a convenient phone, using the iPhone live photos feature. The pictograph is crystal clear, and your images are accompanied by several shots of audio and video, so the perfect shot is guaranteed. Even when it comes to social gatherings and functions, it is impossible to miss a critical moment when armed with the iPhone live photos feature.

What can live photos be used for?

  • From wedding albums to birthday wishes and more, live photos can be utilized for a range of purposes. You can delete these without erasing the photo which means the ability to save the best memories in audio-video format without restraining your memory optimizing capacity.
  • In many cases, these can be used to create short videos with the main image as the frontal structure and the audio-video giving it sentimental substance. These also make excellent wallpapers and can be utilized as an ornamental feature when your iPhone is charging. Overall, iPhone live photos are a revolutionary invention in the smartphone photography sector.


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