iPhone Cases that Heal itself in 20 seconds

iPhone is an expensive phone and we all love our iPhone a lot. There are a billion customers of Apple today who are using iPhones and everyone love their phones a lot. We never want our iPhone to be fallen from some height and get damaged or even get any scratches. This is the reason why we use covers for our iPhones.

We found a new case recently and so we decided to share the details with you. It’s a High quality case which is made only to be used with iPhones. This new case has the capability to heal itself from scratches and so getting this case is really worth, although this is not the prototype of the original accessory but still it is the best one.

Whenever we see the scratches on the case we can definitely say that is doing on the other hand, a scratched iPhone hurt us a lot. So to save our phone with the price tag of $649 we must get a case that is worth.

This new case is developed by Tenc lineup. This new case is crystal clear and can repair its surface from surface scratches. Note that it heals only the scratches; this doesn’t mean that it will heal from the cut if you make it from a knife.

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The proof that it can repair itself is given in the video. This new case is available in Matte black, and matte clear finish. This new case is available at the price tag of $24.95 on just mobile’s website. Cases for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 plus are a bit costlier and you will have pay $5 more.

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