Iphone Apps that help put money in your pocket


The goal of any business is to make money. The saying goes that you have got to spend money, to make money. That’s true, but it is vital as a business owner to pay close attention to exactly where the money is being spent.

Running a tight ship financial means keeping track of every dollar that goes out the door, especially when it involves business expenses, travel expenses and getting paid on the spot for goods and services.

5 Best iPhone Apps that help you to earn

There are millions of options in the app store that help put money back in your pocket. We have highlighted our five favorite business apps that will keep you under budget and in the black.

Invoice Ninja

For right now, you are wearing a couple of different hats at work. You are the CEO, CFO, accounting department and even pick up bagels on Friday morning. You don’t have the payroll to add more staff yet, but you can’t keep spending large chunks of time on certain tasks, especially invoicing.

Invoice Ninja covers all the bases of day-to-day invoicing including creating and sending invoices and tracking and receiving payments. There are three options available to users including a Free option that provides online invoicing for up to 100 clients and unlimited invoicing. Bump all the way up to the highest option and add unlimited clients and multi-user permissions.

Invoice Ninja quietly fights the chore of invoicing so you can spend more time focusing on bringing in new business and buying more onion bagels.


Expensify is designed with easy expense reporting in mind. Its dummy-proof.

Photograph receipts, keep track of miles traveled, and record every travel expense in one platform, making it easier on you, your employees, and your bank account.

If you or your employees are awful at keeping track of receipts, you can also import credit transactions digitally. Expense reports are finished with one tap and the SmartScan feature will code and report the expense for you before finally auto-submitting it for approval.

And Expensify will not only save money but time program the app so some expenses never need a manager’s review. Don’t waste time or energy on that $4 coffee at the airport.


Gas prices can be a major headache, especially if you and your employees are constantly on the road. That’s why an app like GasBuddy will save you time, and more importantly money, every time someone gases upon the company dime.


GasBuddy is the world’s largest community-based fuel app. It finds the lowest gas prices closest to you by gathering data from over 60 million users across the country.

GasBuddy will find the cheapest gas, find gas stations by distance or price, and report prices change almost instantly. And the best part users can earn points and achievements for reporting gas prices and GasBuddy gives away $100 gift cards for free gas to lucky users. For every gas price you report, you earn points towards winning.

Hotel Tonight

Hotels are expensive but a necessary part of doing business. Hotel Tonight allows users to find incredibly low prices on last-minute hotel bookings. Think of it as your personal travel agent.

Hotel Tonight will even arrange same-day bookings until 2 a.m. Its a lifesaver for those unexpected layovers, spontaneous business trips, or important conferences out of town. The app allows users to search for cities and attractions to find the closest and best deals and every location includes ratings and reviews from fellow bookers.


Hotel Tonight is constantly adding new hotels to their expansive database and the around-the-clock customer support is available in any sudden booking emergency.


If your business survives on point-of-sale purchases, you need a small card-reader that can handle the demand. Square is your payment savior.

Just plug in the card reader to your smartphone or tablet and you can swipe credit cards and process payments instantly. You don’t even need to be connected to the Internet. Square even provides an option to allow customers to leave a tip.

Best of all, unlike other card-reader services, there is no monthly fee. Don’t pay fees on sales you are not getting. Square charges 2.75% of each transaction and that’s it.

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These are just some of our favorite iPhone apps that help put money back in your pocket. Do you have an app to suggest to other business owners? Let us know in the comments section!


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