iPhone 6s Some Most Annoying Problems

iPhone 6s is the best smartphone in the world. Many people even sold their kidneys just to buy iPhones. iPhone 6s really have some best features. People are a big fan of Apple’s Device and this has made iPhone as the best smartphone in the world but, these things doesn’t mean that it is a flawless phone. There are some annoying flaws in this phone. Let’s check them out.

  1. Heating of iPhone has been a big issue since long. iPhone 6s predecessors have big issue related to heating. In the new iPhone 6s the home button has this issue because it has finger print housing inside it. Many users faced this issue and sometimes the buttons becomes too. Many people claimed that resetting the phone will resolve this issue but it would be better if you get it checked by the service centre people.
  2. There are many people who have faced the issue to power OFF automatically. They said that their iPhone gets power OFF sometimes without any reason and the power problem doesn’t arise due to power button heating.
  3. Many people faced some issue with the sound of iPhone 6s when compared with other iPhone 6s. They felt the distorted sound when they play any music in loudspeaker with full volume.
  4. There are people who faced issues with the best feature of iPhone 6s which is 3D touch. They say the 3D touch doesn’t open the links on safari sometimes. Though some people felt that this issue can be resolved by resetting the phone.

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Apple will soon fix these problems and will launch an update to resolve such issues. The company has already released the second update. So after updating if you feel the same problem, you can visit the service centre to get the resolution. Though there are many customers who never faced any issues like these so far.

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