iPhone 6s Coolest Features

iPhone 6s is loaded with top notch technology and finish both in terms of hardware and software and design. iPhone 6s is the most exciting phone that you can upgrade to. After looking at this phone we can say Apple is working hard to deliver the best to their customers. This new phone is loaded with so many new features.

  1. 3D Touch :- This new features is most exciting one. You can say it’s the new wonder of engineering. This new feature detects the pressure applied to the screen and performs actions accordingly.
  2. Live Photos :- This new feature works well for the people who want top notch photography. This new feature records the footage of 1.5 seconds before and after the picture is taken and this allows you to see the flash of images of 3 seconds.
  3. iOS keyword to Virtual tracking :- This feature is based on the 3D touch. If you press the iOS keyboard hard, it will get transformed to the virtual trackpad and so you can easily select the highlighted text.
  4. Siri :- Siri is the feature which will talk with you. Apple really improved this feature. Using this feature, you can operate almost everything on your iPhone 6s without touching it.
  5. Reachability :- Some people faced issue in reaching the top to access the upper portion, so just tap the screen twice and the screen will slide down for you. You can turn ON this feature just go to Settings > General > Accessibility and ON it.

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