How to Explain IPhone 6s 3D Touch Apps


As we all know 3D touch in iPhone 6s is the most interesting and unique feature. This new feature is pressure sensitive and many are still learning it. There are many apps that support the 3D touch of iPhone 6s.

Here are some apps that support 3D touch.

  1. Facebook:- We don’t think there is any need for explanations for this app. The 3D touch in this app offers a quick menu and other Touch Gestures. You can easily take pics and record videos directly from the home screen.
  2. WhatsApp:- WhatsApp is now the Facebook property and it also supports Quick Actions. Some actions will also help you in sharing pics or videos among your friends and others.
  3. Skype:- Skype got an update recently so that to add 3D touch features and actions. These features include search, Dial Pad, New Call, New Chat, etc.
  4. Telegram:- one of the popular mobile chat application is Telegram and recently started receiving 3D support. This new feature of 3D touch lets you check chat messages and one can even open chat messages directly from the home screen by force touching it.
  5. Snapchat:– If you love Snapchatting with your friends then the fresh update of Snapchat lets you start a chat directly from the home screen.
  6. Blue Apron:– If you love cooking then you can easily use your iPhone prepare lunch or dinner. Blue Apron is an app that will help you with this. The app also supports 3D touch and quick and easy actions will give you a fuzz-free experience.
  7. Shazam:– Shazam is one of the apps that received 3D touch so soon. A pressure touch to the shazam icon will give you easy access to shazam songs.
  8. Citymapper:– if you are traveling to a new city or if you are roaming around the same city then you can use the Citymapper app. This app also supports 3D Touch. The 3D Touch will give you quick access to reach your home or office or somewhere else.
  9. App in the Air:– if you are traveling frequently, then you must use both Citymapper and App in the Air. You can easily add new flights and active flight using the 3D Touch.
  10. Genius Scan:– if you are looking to scan papers and other things then you can use Genius Scan along with the 3D touch support. You can even save data on iCloud.

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