iOS Update – iOS 9 Beta has Been Launched

Apple launched iOS 9 beta version for the first time for public. This is the latest new iOS for Apple devices. The company has launched the iOS 9 beta and now it has launched Beta 2 and it will soon release Beta 3, but the new update will come after a few weeks that will have bug fixes and speed enhancements. This time there are a lot of new features that people can play with, for example Wi-Fi calling for AT&T customers new wallpapers, CarPlay, Keyboard settings and much more.

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The Wi-Fi Assist has been recently debuted in iOS 9 Developers beta, which is working on the same code. If you missed it, Wi-Fi is the latest new feature that allows you to enable iPhone to switch over the data connection when the wireless connection is shoddy.

In short, you don’t have to struggle for the network if it’s down, it will automatically switch over the Wi-Fi calling for AT&T, so get your iOS update to iOS 9 and enjoy the new features.

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It seems that this new update is made available for the users so that people can share their feedback and improvements they need in the new iOS. This will surely make this iOS the best version because number of minds are available to help Apple in developing their OS. so people who are tech crazy must share their reviews and comments on this new update. Let’s see what we get finally.

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