The new change by Apple for the users of the iOS beta version is that they won’t be able to leave reviews on the app store. This can be considered the sensible move from Apple this time. A beta version doesn’t support many services and hence people get a feeling that the app is either fake or don’t work properly and due to this they submit a negative review against the app. This is the reason why Apple took this logical decision.

This year Apple started a beta program for iOS to the public for the first time. This month Apple people came up with the conclusion that beta users will access the app store and this may raise an issue. Hence this step has been taken up.

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We all know that there are millions of people who are using iPhones and other Apple devices and they can easily post reviews on the official app store but there are many technically sound people who can miss using this beta version of iOS and they may ruin the reputation of top-end apps or they may do something else.

Whenever we try installing a new app and we get a message as failed or something like that, we are the only person who will feel the anger, and then we think of submitting a bad review about that product. The same is the case with others. That was the reason why Apple took this decision.

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