iOS 9 Will Support Older iPhones and iPads


The next negation iOS will support older iPhones and iPads. This upcoming iOS reportedly have a strong focus on removing bugs and improving stability. This rumor was there in the market before, but this time it will be a successful year along with many new and updated features. The most interesting news about this upcoming iOS is that this will support the new Apple devices as well as the older ones. That means the older devices like iPhone 4 and 5 and iPads even will have a new face and new look along with multiple new features.

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As per the report of 9to5mac, the iOS of the new generation will provide better stability along with huge security, better hardware support along with an awesome look. As per Apple, the new iOS will provide better compatibility with the new devices as well as the older devices but we have seen in the past that they failed to meet the required things. So this time we will have to keep our figures crossed.

For a long time, Apple is focusing on the performance and stability features for the older devices so that they can support their old customers as well. But complaints failed to meet that level of experience.

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We will come to come to know more about this on 8th June when Apple is likely to launch the new official iOS 9.


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