iOS 9 Hidden Features

iOS 9 has been launched by Apple some time back and as per Apple they have developed it many new features. This new OS is faster, smoother and efficient along with greater stability. This new OS is so good that the users who are using its predecessor’s must download and install this new iOS.

Here are some hidden features of iOS 9 that you can use.

Battery Widget:- This new feature will show you the remaining charge available on your phone. It will also show you the battery of the connected device for example Apple watch.

Battery Usage Details:- This new feature of iOS 9 will show you the details of those apps which are consuming more battery. Just Go to settings > Battery and it will show you the apps that are eating up the battery.

Quick Calling and Messaging:- This is an awesome feature. When you are searching for any contact using spotlight (just swipe down or swipe right from the home screen) now you will find the buttons to make messages and make calls quickly without opening contacts.

Disable Lowercase:- If you want to disable the lowercase then just go to settings > General > Accessibility > keyword and slide toggle next to off the lowercase letters.

Mail Markup:- Using this new feature you can draw on images that you want to send. You just have to hold on the photo that you want to add and select markup.

Hide Multiple Naked Selfies:- This feature was there in iOS 8 as well but in that you have to select one by one. But in this new iOS 9 you can hide all your naughty photos in one go. You just have to go to the camera roll and just tap to select all images you want to hide, then just tap on the left bottom corner to open share sheet and choose hide option.

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Search in Settings:- This new feature is same as Android. There is a search bar made available at the top so that you can search for the things directly.

Stop wallet:- By default this new is enabled in iOS 9. Using this feature allows you to open up the wallet on the home screen just by double tapping. Apple pay and other features will be available whenever you need and so this feature remains a little hidden. Disable it by just going to Settings > touch ID & passcode and slide to Off.

Turn Off the Share:- Shake and undo is an option that many users feel very difficult to handle and so those users can turn it off. To turn off this feature go to Settings > General > Accessibility > shake to undo and slide to off button.

Change Mute switch Function:- if you want to change the function of mute switch then go to settings > General now you can see the option to configure the mute switch function. This option was previously made available for iPad users but now it is available on all iOS 9 devices.

Quick Reply Enhancements:- All apps of iOS 9 have access to quick reply feature and so the users can send replies to messages by just pulling down the notification when it arrives.

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So these are the top new hidden features that you can use.

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