Everything About iOS 12.4 Release Date and Features of iOS 12


Before the commencement of the WWDC, the iOS 12.4 is anticipated to be rolled out as it has not been officially announced but expected to be rolled out on June 3rd.

Currently, the iOS devices are running on iOS 12.3 version of the operating system until the iOS 12.4 is not released, including few of new attributes and fixes the bugs as well.

For registered app developers, the beta version of iOS 12.4 is available. However, if we go with the speculation of the experts, then iOS 12 will not come up with any new changes, but users can expect all minor upgrades along with Apple Card Tie.

For its Tie Card, Apple has collaborated with Mastercard. Tie Card is a secured credit card developed of Titanium.

Let’s take a look at some of the features and timelines of iOS 12

Features of iOS 12 and its Timelines

Following are the different versions of iOS 12 that are being released till date:

1. Features of version iOS 12.1

The very first version which iOS 12 released is 12.1, which also followed by 12.1.4. It came with Group facetime feature and fixed some bugs in the overall functionality of iOS.

There is also an option for up to 32 users Group FaceTime and more than 70 emojis. Apple even added a new attribute that offered the user to fine-tune the background photo blur in real time.

The iOS 12.1 came up with other notable feature which eSIM support, however, it does not of much use for many users as many cellular operators do not support this feature.

2. Features of version iOS 12.2

After iOS 12.1, Apple released second sub-version, which is iOS 12.2 that came up with Apple News and Subscription that provided more than 300 newspaper and magazine at a monthly cost of $9.99. It also came with a few minor tweaks of control center design, which allowed users to use virtual remote available in the control center to control their Apple TV directly.

Apple Animoji list is also updated in this version of iOS update which saw the inclusion of warthog, shark, and masks giraffe.

  1. Features of version iOS 12.3

The Apple TV’s layout was redesigned in the iOS 12.3, which brings the functionality of Apple TV Plus. It also fixed a few bugs. Before this update, the version iOS 12.2 offered Apple Subscription and News, as well as four, added Animoji followed by few new features of iMessages.

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Due to the popularity of Google Pixel 3 and Android Q, the iOS update was crucial by Apple. As due to other popular OS, the popularity of iOS dropped significantly.

This was all about the iOS 12 version and upcoming updates. However, it would help if you stayed tuned to get all the details about the iOS 12.4 version.