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What do your visitors look forward when they visit your online business? What assumes an important aspect of running an online business is providing every one of your customers accurate and complete information. In fact, the faster information assimilation can only be possible if you have opted for the best ever Hosting Service for your website. VPS Hosting is what would help you achieve the best results and IO Zoom Windows VPS Hosting is what would help you the best out of your hosting possibilities. Let us check out the features and functionality of IO Zoom VPS Hosting.

VPS Hosting  What is its Significance?

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Network Hosting is a new trend in web hosting. Sitting between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting is what would offer you have your own operating system, bandwidth, and disk space.

Why people are opting for VPS Hosting is the fact that it gives them a complete freedom and control over what they want to use. Moreover, it comes with its own set of advantages making it one of the best options. You can customize it to meet all your needs.

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IO Zoom Windows VPS Hosting  The Most Reliable VPS Hosting Option

IO Zoom VPS Hosting has been the best VPS Hosting service that has grown quite popular over the last few years. Actually, their strength lies in offering affordable and reliable hosting plans without sacrificing the quality of the service. In fact, they have been the best when it comes to cheap Windows VPS hosting.

The IO Zoom Windows VPS Hosting has been appreciated by users worldwide for their excellent availability of servers. In addition, you also get free Windows licensing. The licenses are available for Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016. So, you can choose among the three different data centers available.

Incidentally, we would also want to share here that apart from Windows VPS Hosting, IO Zoom also offers you other hosting services as well. Cloud VPS hosting, WordPress Cloud Hosting, and SSD Cloud VPS are a few other hosting options that the company offers you.

What Makes IO Zoom Windows VPS Hosting A Good Option?

The firm that initially had only a single server location, it is now operating from five locations around the US. Moreover, the company also takes care to offer the state of the art equipment for its network. In fact, this has been the strength that has made IO Zoom the best option to get a windows server for your requirements in VPS Hosting.

Here are the features that would make IO Zoom VPS Hosting a great option .

  • DDoS Protection IO Zoom offers you free DDoS Protection. In fact, this can go a long way in helping you stay safe from any sort of DDoS attacks. You get up to 10 Gbps DDoS protection and offers you protection against up to 95% of the possible attacks.
  • One Click installation support for WordPress IO Zoom comes with a one-click installation option for WordPress. Moreover, you also have easy migration options as well.
  • The Hardware Support What makes it one of the most preferred options is the excellent hardware that it has built its services on. They have been involved with the big names in the technology genre for its infrastructure. The list includes Intel, Cisco, Supermicro, Samsung, and Juniper among others. The use of DDR4 RAM and SSD for data saving should be the features that would drive you towards the best ever performance.
  • State of the Art Customer Support The customer support system lives up to the expectation. However, one problem could be the lack of phone support. There is no one to one phone options available. However, you have live chat support and email care as standard customer care options.
  • 100% Uptime The service claims a 100% Uptime guarantee. This isnt just a claim, but the fact and ably supported by the high-speed networks, the connections, and localized data centers.

The Features Packed In With IO Zoom Windows VPS Plans

Here are few exceptional features offered for those opting for IO Zoom Windows VPS Hosting include.

Free Windows License

All your plans on IO Zoom Windows VPS Hosting come with Windows License activated. You can choose any of the options among Windows 2008, 2012 and 2016. Additionally, you also have access to abundant server resources.

Remote Desktop Connection

This would help you manage your connection remotely. In fact,Remote Desktop Connection lets you browse your screen without being in front of your screen. This will help you have access to your servers at all times, even on the move.

Free Backup Facility

The Windows VPS Hosting service offered on IO Zoom comes with the free daily backup option. Do note IO Zoom saves the backups in the Snapshot form. In fact, that would mean these snapshot backups can be only be used to restore the entire virtual server. But, if you want to restore individual files, you may need to opt for separate add-on plans.

Faster SSD Servers

Your files are saved on Solid State Drives and thus you are assured of faster response times for your website pages. IO Zoom offers you a 100% SSD and you stand to gain the best ever performance in terms of faster load times.

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Simplicity At Its Best

The service is quite easy to use and all the functions are clearly understandable. The Windows VPS Hosting is best suited for website hosting, internet browsing, and online business. The ease of use makes it best for SEO tools, traffic exchanges, and other important aspects.

These are just a few features and options that IO Zoom offers you with its Windows VPS Hosting services. Opt for them today to get a feel of a host excellent functions that you stand to gain.

The Plans

IO Zoom Windows VPS Hosting offers multiple affordable plans you can choose from. In fact, what makes them an excellent choice is that each of the plans is designed keeping in view the diverse requirements that each genre of the customer may have.

Check out the plans here and opt for the one that best meets your needs.

You may also opt for any other add-ons depending upon your additional requirements.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, were we able to impress you with all those details about IO Zoom and their excellent services as long as Windows VPS Hosting is concerned? What makes them a great choice would be the fact that they have plans and services that would suit different genres of requirements. This flexibility is what should help you plan your expenditure in the best possible way.

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If they can improve the customer care support by adding one to one phone support, the service will be the best in every respect. However, lack of it doesn’t take away the features to any great extent though. We do foresee a great future ahead for the best in class VPS hosting for Windows.

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