The Anatomy of a Great InterServer Reviews


Hosting service you choose is one of the most essential and vital services you would want to focus on when starting your own website. Obviously, there are several services that have been offering impressive features and functions. Of the best hosting services that we have come across, InterServer Hosting is one of the excellent hosting services that we have found quite perfect in its own right.

What is InterServer Hosting?

InterServer Hosting is one of the excellent hosting services that have proved to be quite efficient. Headquartered in New Jersey, InterServer was founded in 1999. In fact, the brand was initially handling reselling services of web hosting. Later on moved ahead with the full-fledged hosting service.

While the company still continues to offer reseller hosting services, they have mainly focussed on web hosting of late. Hence, the hosting service has been able to achieve excellent service quality. You would find that InterServer offers you services for a wide range of customers. You would find them serving everyone right from the single user or small business services to Fortune 500 companies.

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What makes InterServer one of the prime solutions for web hosting is they handle a wide range of services on their own. They have in-house service in the realm of building the servers. Developing their own fiber-optic network, and customizing their Linux kernels.

The Best Features offered by InterServer

InterServer provides you access to an enhanced and improved service parameter. The availability of quality hardware services and an enhanced experience with optimal performance and uptime. Moreover, you would find an extremely dependable service quality despite every aspect.

Some of the service features that would make it one of the best services for your hosting requirements –

Unlimited Resources

InterServer Hosting comes in two flavors. One of them is Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. WordPress and such other CMS solutions are best supported by the Linux Hosting. Also, Windows Hosting has been one of the excellent options for web projects.

Each of these systems come with an unlimited resource option. The service comes with a vast number of cool features and offers an unlimited amount of resources. Of course, you would need to focus on the fair use policy, and once you adhere to the right rules, you can be assured of not running out of space ever.

What options does InterServer offer you?

You will get a Let’s Encrypt SSL with each shared account. This will ensure that your visitor’s privacy is ensured and you can also be assured of better Google rankings. Of course, the certificate does not come pre-installed; the support system helps you get it quickly. The Linux Hosting services come with a c-Panel and also free website migration functionality.

An Enhanced Security ProtocolThe security of your website is one of the prime features you would want to be assured. Most of the hosting services may not have the features as part of the package. You can be assured access to a complete suite of services as part of the package, and you will have complete support in that direction.

The InterShield Security firewall is one of the advanced features that would definitely make it an excellent service ever that blocks any of the outside attacks. It uses machine learning algorithms to reach the best security standards. The security service is included with every web hosting plan. The service comes with the ModSecurity tool and Imunify360 protocols that scan the hosting drive for the malicious files.

And all those options form part of your plan – free of cost.

An Excellent Caching Service

Caching is one of the prime factors that would decide your ranking capability. Caching improves website performance and enhances the loading speed. InterServer comes with LiteSpeed, which is one of the powerful web server technologies. You get access to all the caching tools that are needed for improved website performance.

You will get access to LiteSpeed through your CPanel. This can considerably improve your loading times. You would also find access to an enhanced experience with the include Cloudflare CDN compatibility. This should be yet another excellent caching service that saves the local copies of the website pages.

Unlimited Domains and Website options

Shared web hosting comes typically with a limit on the number of websites you would be able to host in a plan. InterServer does not have any such limitations on the number of domains and subdomains you can host.

InterServer lets you install as many databases as you would want to. It can be an excellent option if you are looking to make the best use of your unlimited plan. As long as you are not getting massive traffic to your site, we do not find any issues as such in using multiple domains.

InterServer Web Hosting and VPS

A wide range of hosting services

InterServer offers you access to a huge range of services that include almost 8 different types of hosting services ever. You can find the service offering you an outstanding efficiency in the following services –

The Cloud Hosting and VPS Hosting services have been one of the prominent options you would find one of the most popular services you would find rather impressive and effective in more ways than one.

Almost every hosting plan you buy comes with a free site migration functionality. You do not need to spend anything extra for the migration service. The 99.9% uptime guarantee should be one of the prime factors that would make it one of the excellent options ever.

The Performance

The performance of a shared hosting service will basically be determined by two significant factors. One of them would be speed performance and uptime. The uptime and website speeds were found to be much excellent in the Northern American region. In other areas, you can definitely experience a good deal of performance.

The regions in Asia, Australia, and South America appear to have serious concerns with respect to the performance standard.

Support Channels

The support channels are available in different modes. You will get access to a 24 x 7 support on live chat, email and support tickets. There is also a phone support service available with the call centers located in the US, England, Israel, Brazil, and Mexico City.

The website comes with a knowledge base and does offer a host of advanced solutions to most of your issues. The tutorials and help guides are arranged in a clearly understandable manner. However, we found one severe issue that the knowledge base articles are not organized in an easy to use manner. If you are opting for Live chat functionality, a poor English may be something that would move you away.

Rounding Up

Well, that was all we have with respect to the InterServer hosting and the features that they offer. It does come with a host of positive features and factors, and we found it extremely practical service in many ways. The support channels, pricing, speed, and features are much impressive.

If you are a small business or an individual blogger, InterServer should be one of the prime solutions you would find quite reliable. No hiking of prices during renewal is one of the excellent features that would make it one of the excellent options ever.

Check them out, and we are sure you won’t be disappointed!