Intercoms from 2N – quality and innovation


Intercoms from 2N Intercoms are a common device that you can find in every possible place, such as entrances to hotels, office buildings, houses, and apartments.

These devices have been known for many years. The first intercoms were constructed at the end of the 19th century. They have evolved with the development of technology, thanks to which today’s intercoms are devices packed with modern technologies. As a result, they are no longer used solely for conversation, because today’s security intercoms have a number of different applications. One of the best-known intercom brands is 2N. Why is 2N so well-known and valued?

Many years of experience and the best quality materials – the secret to the success of 2N

Today, the intercom market is teeming with various manufacturers who offer video doorbell devices. However, the products of many brands drastically deviate from the satisfactory standard of performance and functionality. It is for this reason that 2N is the undisputed leader in this industry because it focuses on ensuring excellent parameters, innovative solutions, and technology, as well as a price that allows their products to be purchased by every consumer. The extensive product range of 2N brand includes intercoms that will meet everyone’s needs. Various models feature RFID readers, Bluetooth, touch screens, and HD cameras with the Night Vision option. For this reason, there is a wide range of intercoms that can be selected according to your needs. 2N intercoms  are perfect for houses and flats, as well as places such as:
• hotels,
• hospitals,
• office buildings,
• government buildings

Thanks to modern technological solutions combined with high-quality materials, 2N devices stand out on the market. Due to the growing interest in 2N, their products can be found in many private and public places.

 2N intercoms – effective access control

Access control is extremely important today, which is why 2N intercoms perfectly protect every type of building. Thanks to this, it is possible to precise control who enters a given facility or even room. Today, the 2N brand is synonymous with excellent quality as well as many years of experience, which is why this manufacturer is the undisputed leader on the security intercoms market.


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