Intel vs AMD choosing the right one


Intel and AMD are always at war when to talk about chipsets and processors. To be honest chipsets and processors are the only thing that matters the most in a desktop or a PC. When we go for a new purchase the most necessary thing to look at is the processor speed, and we buy the best deal within our budget because after all hard disk and RAM can be extended but processors well they are just the way they are.

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Let’s talk about the price first; there is a common assumption that AMD’s processors are cheaper than lintels which is a plain myth. The fact is that Intel runs on two bases the low budget segment with intel Celeron and the higher with the name intel itself. AMD, on the other hand, gives you the best deal even at entry packages but the brand is not so famous in the $200 mark thus people think the companies is cheaper than intel.

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In the intel vs AMD processor war if you are in for performance and not for money intel should be your prime choice, the CPU takes up less heat which is even better if you use a laptop often placing it on your legs. AMD, on the other hand, focuses on putting more to the core which increases the speed but effects drastically on heat dissipation.

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If you were to rule out an overall winner in the intel vs AMD processor war you would choose intel because of its Processor, Hold up with external GPU, and provides stuff that values for money.


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