Innovations in school: What you must know!


Gone are the days when technology was not meant for kids; now is the time when even toddlers sleep to the rhymes they listen to on cellphones.

The Life in School

Remember the time when you disliked going to school? There was practically everything that you could to not go to school. All those assignments that you had to write, all those lectures that you had to attend, and all those notes that you had to make were quite a task. Most of the students never wanted to go to school because it was monotonous.

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Here are a few more innovations in school that you are going to adore:

  • The students are allowed to work simultaneously: Not everybody’s parents are ready to pay their fees for them; there are students who want to work along with studying. The schools have started allowing the students to save fees for their education.
  • There is a well-maintained cafeteria for all the students at school: This is one of the best innovations in school. The staff of the school has started paying a lot of attention to the maintenance of the cafeterias for the health of the students.
  • As a student, you have a right to sit in the library and read for as long as you want (or till the working hours): No matter when you want to study, you can sit in the library of your school and read all the books that you want.

There are gyms installed for students who want to exercise: For the sake of the student’s health, a lot of schools have started installing gyms for all those students who are particular about their body. Some schools have introduced bedrooms where they have placed bunker beds for the students who want to take a nap: Whenever a student is unwell or is sleepy due to their night shift, they can take a nap in the bedroom of the school. Can it get better than this?

What is more

Instead of using books, some schools have introduced tablets for their students: Tablets are amazing ways to kick off monotony from the education system. Students love to spend time on their tablets and take down the notes during their lectures. Practical knowledge has become more important than just theoretical knowledge in schools: Gone are the days when the knowledge was more of bookish for students, now is the time when practical knowledge is extremely important. Thus, the schools have started introducing more practical sessions than theoretical lectures.

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Art has become an essential part of the education system these days and that’s quite an innovation: Painting, crafting, and other such art forms ensure to develop the brains of the students. Also, such subjects relax the minds of the students and make them more active in studies and in the class. Most of the schools now include gardening as a part of their education syllabus: Go green is not just another movement that has been developed and forgotten; most of the schools know how important it is for them to introduce the importance of gardening to their students. Thus, they ensure to make their students plant a few trees on a regular basis.

There is a school in Ohio that’s built like the office: Carpe Diem Schools, Aiken, Ohio have been built just like beautiful corporates. This way, they ensure to make their students familiar with the environment of corporates. This allows the students to be more confident and practical when they enter the corporate world in the future.

Today, the teachers are more interactive and closer to their students than ever before: If you enter into the class, you notice that the teachers are much more interactive than they used to be in the earlier days. The use of technology has changed the entire education system for good: Technology has become a part of the education system and that’s the best gift for the students, ever. Students are much more dedicated to their studies these days because they have access to the internet, thanks to which they can learn more and more.

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Benefits and Perks

Some schools have television sets inside their premises where the students can watch educational movies: There are a few schools that have installed TV sets for their students. Only educational movies are played on these TV sets. Some schools have computer cafes inside their premises where the students can read more, learn more and be more positive towards their education: Computer cafes allow the students to gather much more information related to a specific subject.

A few schools have robot teachers: A few South Korean classrooms do not have human teachers; they have egg-shaped robot teachers particularly for the English language. The face of the teacher pops up on the screen that’s the head of the egg-shaped robot. The students look forward to such lectures as they are happy with the talking robot. Free education for a lot of students in Germany: Germany has introduced the concept of free education for their students.

  • In the UAE, the students enjoy the concept and innovation of 3D learning: GEMS Modern Academy in Dubai has a different vision for their students. It has introduced the concept of 3D learning for their students. 3D glasses are worn during their lectures and more practical information is provided to the students.
  • In Finland, nobody tells you a word even if you fail: This is one of the best innovations in the education system. People usually get bullied when they fail. Thus, Finland introduced the concept of no pressure on students. Even if you fail, nobody tells you anything at all.
  • The Essay Academy in Bolton doesn’t believe in wasting papers: This school believes in paperless education for its students. You don’t have to take down any notes during the lectures. You are free to store everything on your tablet or in your mind.

There are a few schools in different corners around the globe that provide their students with good and healthy food for free: Some schools provide their students with good food. The best thing is that the students don’t have to pay a penny for this food as it is distributed free of cost to them.

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I am sure reading the above-mentioned innovations in schools may have motivated you to get back to school all over again. All I know is that you are never too young or old to learn something.

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