3 Industries Taking Advantage Of IoT Applications & Apps


In the world we live in, businesses are usually the first one to adapt to new technological advancements. This isn’t really surprising at all because to stay competitive, it’s crucial that they have an advantage, which can be achieved through the implementation of recent innovations.

One of which is the proper use of IoT technologies that have been proven to reduce overall operation costs, while increasing business productivity and it also creates more revenue streams through new markets, and products.

Here are the 3 industries taking advantage of IoT applications and apps.

Retail and Supply Management

Retail and supply management is considered to be one of the first industries that became smart. There are proximity-based advertising with beacons, as well as intelligent inventory management technologies used in most online marketplaces. However, the use of IoT technology doesn’t end with that. It’s not limited to shopping and supply chain management alone.

The best way to describe it is that it’s a beautiful opportunity for hospitality providers, restaurants, and other businesses to control their supplies and collect valuable insights at the same time. Through this, retailers gain full control over their supply chains, and it also lessens the risks brought by human factors.

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That means business owners won’t have to worry about over-ordering, and through this, they can easily spot members who are taking advantage of their privileges because they’ll be able to manage their logistical expenses properly. Indeed, there’s a lot for them to enjoy with the help of IoT.

One of the few examples of inventory tracking would be the Queue Hop. It utilizes IoT solution to prevent theft within the business establishment. Smart tags are attached to the items being sold, and these automatically unclip after payment has been made.

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This kind of system speeds up the checkout process as it offers mobile self-service capabilities, and it also helps the business owners to keep an eye on their inventory in real time. The result of this is that it allows business owners to reallocate resources that encourage better efficiency readily, and it also improves customer service at the same time.


Automotive are packed with smart sensors, and for that reason, vehicles nowadays are becoming more connected than ever. Although that most solutions are being offered out of the box by major car manufacturers, it’s important to consider that there’s a third-party solution capable of making your vehicle “smart” that it could easily detect safety cones and the like.

With mobile applications, everything gets connected with each other, and this allows the user to control every function, such as opening and closing doors, alarm system, engine metrics, and even detecting the exact location of the vehicle.

As autonomous cars become a reality, the use of IoT continuously expands as well. As a matter of fact, it’s tackling other types of ground transport, such as railway transport. Basically, vehicles can now be controlled directly from a mobile phone by using the information gathered from routes and car stats that are safely stored in the cloud.

Healthcare and Fitness

For the past few years, multiple wearables are being released in the market and most of which are embedded with IoT. These devices work great in monitoring caloric intake, heart rate, track activity, sleep, and other metrics that could help the wearer stay healthy.

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There are also instances where these wearables are utilized to communicate with third-party applications and transmit information regarding the user’s chronic conditions with a healthcare practitioner.

Aside from personal use, there are also a good number of wearables that are quite advanced, and these are the smart appliances like thermometers, scales, blood pressure monitors, and believe it or not, even hair brushes. These are widely used not only in a business setting but also in one’s home as well.

The mobile app paired with the devices works effectively in sending alerts to those who are in charge to inform them about what is happening with their patient or family member. Furthermore, it also supplies data regarding the medication intake, and it sends alerts when the medication reaches a low or critical level.

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Leading tech powerhouses and startups are also developing IoT projects that would improve one’s welfare, lifestyle, and best of all, offer remarkable improvement for the overall health of everybody.