how many people will turn up to catch Pokemon?


It has been seen that today every person carry a smartphone and with such a change Pokemon game is launched on Wednesday which is now getting viral meantime. You can see now everyone playing Pokemon on their smartphones. It seems like people buy the smartphone to play Pokemon. Simultaneously the number of the smartphones is also increasing. Last year this game made significant cash, and it looks like its latest version will also do that.

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On Wednesday Facebook event was happened in San Francisco by Pokemon Go Crawl which was attended by 3600 people. On another side, 1800 more people were interested in coming to the event, but they could not be due to some reason.

Pokemon Game Is So Viral

On event the organizer of the Facebook event, Sara Witsch said, I had no idea that this event would reach such a large scope of people. I made this event at midnight, invited my Facebook friends, and fell asleep.

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I woke up to 500 people going. Within 24 hours, it reached 2k going and 11k interested. I only expected maybe a few hundred at most, if anyone at all, She continued. With no future, prospective Sara Witsch revealed on Facebook event, Saw a crawl for Sacramento and thought hey, what better place than a crawl in San Francisco.

With the popularity of this Pokemon app, it seems like it will go more viral and more and more people will turn up to this app. As per the interest of individuals, it seems like to add more and more users.

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