Improve Your Tv’s Picture Quality in 2 Steps


Do you feel like you haven’t been enjoying the best of picture quality from your brand-new TV? Are you the Netflix diehard who loves to watch movies as they were meant to be seen? Well, here is a two-step guide to help improve your TV’s picture quality to get the most exquisite images.

Adjust Your TV Settings

Calibrating your 70 Inch TV settings is one easy way to better image quality. Here are some of the simple adjustments you can make on your HDTV.

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Getting the balance between basic settings like Brightness & Contrast can instantly improve your screen’s picture quality. Contrast should be balanced at just 50%. Remember, too much contrast (more so anything above 75%) will shorten your screen’s lifespan.


To get your brightness settings right, pick a dark image on the dark background. If the picture isn’t clear enough, then it means you should try increasing the screen’s Brightness. A Low brightness setting deprives dark images of their detail and tone making them look too flat.

   Choose the right picture mode

The truth is; you can always get great picture quality by just tweaking the built-in presets out TV sets come with. These modes are designed to give you an exceptional experience depending on the genre of whatever you’re watching and the room lighting.

If you own a digital TV set then these are some of the modes you can choose from;

  • Standard (normal brightness, contrast, and sharpness levels)
  • Vivid/Dynamic (increased contrast, brightness, and sharpness)
  • Sports (sharpens the images in motion)
  • Game (A mode for playing games with delayed signal and reduced image quality)
  • Cinema/Movie (excellent for movies as you see images as intended by creators)

Upgrade your set up

This means upgrading everything from the outdated cables to the aged DVD & VCR players to more digital stuff like HDMI cables that will offer you better picture quality. Here’s how to make the upgrades.

 Upgrade Video Cables

To give justice to you market latest TV set, and enable it to offer the high definition picture it is capable of, shift to quality video cables that perform up to the high-definition signals.

The Component (colored in Red, blue and Green) and the HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cables are two of the best cables for getting wonderful image quality from your TV.

 Use up-to-date your external devices

To ensure your excellent picture quality while enjoying DVD’s, you’ll need a player that can match the performance of your High definition TV. Look for a player with a top-quality up-convert processor or one with progressive scanning. Remember, the up-conversion in cheaper players can’t keep up with the up-conversion built for HD TV sets.

If you like, you could go the extra mile of acquiring an HD-DVD player and be sure to run it at 16×9 image output for more explicit images.

Finally, it makes more sense using a component or HMDI cable to link you DVD player to the TV set; you won’t regret the results.

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