iBoysoft Data Recovery Software


Keeping your data backed up is quite important and essential enough. In serious cases where your hard disk fails or comes across other issues, you tend to run the risk of losing all your data. Data loss can occur due to several reasons like inaccurate or incorrect operations and any other reasons beyond your control.  If you have come across such a situation and have not been able to have access to your data, capable data recovery software can be a good option.

In case, you are checking out the best possible option for a data recovery tool; iBoysoft Data Recovery can be a perfect solution. Let us try to understand the tool in better detail.

iBoysoft Data Recovery – What is it?

As you would have already guessed it right, iBoysoft Data Recovery is a free data recovery tool and provides an effective data recovery experience without having to pay any money up to 1GB data.  In essence, the tool packs in both the basic and advanced data recovery options in a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Moreover, the user-friendly interface is one of the unique options that should make it a great option for use even when you are not tech-savvy.

In addition, it provides you with access to a faster and complete scan of your files and any sort of data. It can recover almost every type of file including, but not limited to photos, videos, documents, and every other type of file. In fact, the tool can even achieve an easy recovery of the data stored in a lost or deleted partition.

iBoysoft Data Recovery

The tool is available both for Mac and Windows devices, and thus it would make an exceptional and perfect option for any kind of data recovery you are attempting to achieve.

What features does the tool come with?

Well, there are multiple options for effective and efficient data recovery software for Windows and Mac. So, why would we want you to opt for iBoysoft Data Recovery? Well, there are a few features that would make it an exciting choice in its own right.

A few salient features that would make it one of the most preferred options can be

  • It can recover any of the files including the RAW files from your system hard drive.
  • It can handle the inaccessible, unreadable, and corrupted drives.
  • In case you have any deleted or lost partitions, you would be able to recover almost every one of your files from deleted or lost partitions.
  • The data recovery tool can recover the file even when you have deleted it from the Recycle Bin or the Trash.
  • The tool can recover data from a wide range of platforms and devices. Some representative examples can be an external hard drive, USB drives, SD cards, and memory cards, to name a few.

We found it to be a better option for data recovery as it can practically handle almost every type of data recovery requirements that include RAW disks, or even the unique error messages like 0 bytes used/free space to the “disk needs to be formatted”.

The Capabilities offered by iBoysoft Data Recovery

Well, the data recovery tool employs a unique and efficient algorithm for providing you with an exciting and perfect performance. It scans the allocated and unallocated space on your drive sector by sector and thus lets you retrieve every single file that has been deleted or lost.

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If you compare it to the other data recovery tools with the RAW data recovery capability, you will find iBoysoft extremely handy and highly efficient. You can also experience faster performance in terms of data recovery.

Quick and Deep Scan

The tool provides you access to both deep and quick scan capabilities. A quick scan can be a time saver and help you out with the effective data recovery in a simple data loss scenario. The mode can be the right option if you are looking to recover the accidentally deleted files and minor issues in data loss.

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The Deep scan mode is best suited for the more complex scenarios. This can work through an entire drive or partition. The Deep scan mode lets you recover more files than a Quick Scan.

Pre-recovery Preview

The iBoysoft Data Recovery can handle a wide range of recovery scenarios, but one of the best options offered by the tool would include the powerful built-in option for the pre-recovery preview option. That way, you would be able to have a look at all the files that can be recovered before actually recovering them. This can be quite helpful in finding if you are recovering the right file.

Get Access to the Data from the BitLocker Encryptions

It can even recover the files from the BitLocker encrypted Windows files. You just need to launch the tool and choose the option BitLocker Data Recovery. Once that done, choose the drive that has the requisite data and follow the instructions.

Recover files from Unbootable Drives

If you are using its Mac data recovery software,  you would be able to use it for recovering the files from unbootable Mac. The best option to use here would be to connect the Mac to the Internet and run the software from its server. This can be an exciting option for use in case your Mac is stuck on the login screen.

Well, as with most other software tools, even the iBoysoft Data Recovery tool comes with its own set of positive and negative aspects. Analyzing these factors can help you understand the tool for better insight.


  • It is extremely lightweight and can be a perfect option for recovering your lost data.
  • Simple and straightforward performance and usability.
  • Faster data recovery – even with the Deep scan mode.
  • Easy to use interface that makes it easier for beginners and advanced users alike.


  • It takes a while to start.
  • Not many filtering options available.
  • You cannot preview the files larger than 5 MB within the software.

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The Passing Remarks

iBoysoft Data Recovery tool is indeed an exciting option and offers you plenty of features and functions, making it a really formidable data recovery tool. More so because you do not need to spend any money to use it for scanning files. Scanning and previewing is completely free. Just check it out and give it a try. Of course, you can free download it without any registration. You have nothing to lose even if you end up not liking it!