How to Use Snapchat on Windows / Mac


How to Use Snapchat on Windows / Mac:- Do you love to share photos and snap stories on Snapchat? Do you like to create a snap-streak on the app? Or are you a different kind of use who only likes to watch snap stories of your friends? Whatever it is, you might have wanted to use Snapchat on your just like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.  What if we tell you that there is a way to use Snapchat on your Windows or Mac PC?

In this article, we have listed the method to use Snapchat on Windows and Mac so that you are able to make full use of the App if by any chance you are not able to use the app on your phone.

Method 1 – Installing Bluestack or Other App Player

Before we share information about this method, we would like to tell you that App Player and Bluestack are two different apps which helps you in getting the same result. These apps basically create an Android-based environment for the apps so that the apps can be installed directly from Google Play Store. Bluestack works on Mac as well as Windows.

  • To use this method, you need to have Bluestack on installing on your Mac or Windows computer. To install the Bluestack on Windows, you can click here and to install the Bluestack on Android, you can click here.
  • Install the app and give the required level of permission to the app. Once that is done, you can initiate the app and log in on the App with your Google Account.
  • Now, you need to search for Snapchat on the Google Play Store and you can log in on Snapchat and start using the app. This will let you post stories, see snap stories and perform other features that you can normally perform on the phone app.

Alternatively, you can use App Player to run snapshot but we personally prefer Bluestack because it offers a higher flexibility to the users

Method 2 – Accessing Snapchat the PC Version

In the second method, you can log in to the Web version of the Snapchat but this version is only to manage the account. You will not be able to check out the stories or list of friends with this version so you might want to use the first method for accessing snapchat.

  • In this method, you need to navigate to and once you are on the website, you can log in to the Snapchat account using your User ID and Password.
  • This will now take you to the dashboard which will help you in managing the account related information. You can’t post snap stories or view snap stories with this method.

These are the two different methods to use Snapchat on your PC or Mac and both of these are widely used by the people. It is recommended to use the first method as the second method doesn’t offer you a lot of features. Moreover, you can access only the account information with use of the second method.

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