How to Turn off News Feed On Chromium Edge Browser?


How to Turn off News Feed: Microsoft has recently launched its Chromium-based Edge browser. In fact, this is perhaps the first time that Microsoft has been able to achieve the best performance standard in the browser space. The high degree of customization and a smoother interface are the two features you would find it more impressive.

However, have you found the huge favicons and top site options made available on the homepage? Whenever you open a new tab on Microsoft Edge, you will find the favicons and the news headlines. Don’t you find that extremely distracting? Well, here are the best options to address it and turn off the News Feed on Chromium Edge Browser.

How to Turn off News Feed on Chromium Edge browser?

Well, you can customize the new tab as per your preferences. In fact, it also provides you with an excellent option to opt for inspirational and custom options on its hamburger menu. This can be achieved through the use of Edge flags.

edge flags

There are options available to disable the news feed and other favicons on the Chromium browser. Let us check out how to disable the news feed from the chromium Edge browser.

You can resolve the issue with the help of Chromium Edge flags.  Here are the steps you would need to opt for –

  • Launch your Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Type in edge://flags/in the address bar.
  • Press ENTER.
  • You should be now on the page that displays all available Edge flags.
  • Scroll down and locate the option Enable using the Microsoft Edge local NTP
  • Enable the setting and relaunch Edge.

That should do it. Your favicons and news feed will be gone.

However, the method above makes use of the Edge flags in Edge collections. The entry we suggested above was available in the Dev version of the Microsoft Edge browser. However, since the browser has now officially been launched, you would find that the setting in Edge Flags is now gone.

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If you are on the stable version of the Microsoft Edge Chromium-based browser, you can follow other methods to get your issue resolved.

How to Turn off News Feed on Chromium Edge Browser Stable version?

Like we already stated, disabling the news feed on the Chromium Edge browser from Microsoft through Edge flags is not possible on the stable version of the browser. However, that should not mean you cannot disable it on the stable version of the Chromium-based Edge Browser.

Here are the steps involved in resolving your issue with news feed –

  • Launch your Microsoft Edge.
  • Click on the Gear icon.
  • This will take you to the Page Layout setting

chromium edge flags

  • Click Custom
  • Under the Content section, locate the options Content Off from the drop-down list.

That does it. The news feed on your Microsoft Edge browser should be gone.

Yet another option you can reach up to this setting would be to follow the steps here below. The steps explained here below would be helpful if you are on any exiting tab.

  • Click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner.
  • Click on Settings

edge flags android

  • In the next step, you click on New Tab page option on the left pane
  • Click on Customise for the content customization option.

edge flags android

You will be taken to the page that we just discussed above. The rest of the steps would remain the same as explained in the above steps.

Why remove the News feed and Top site on New Tab?

Well, having a clean slate always looks good enough. The same would hold good in the case of the browser home page as well. A cluttered interface on the homepage can, at times be distracting.

Imagine a situation. You have launched your Edge browser and are about to visit some sites. But, as soon as you launch the new tab, you will notice the top sites and the news feed. Something among that news feeds catches your attention, and you move ahead to check it.

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Found it how it affects your productivity? The actual work you had planned is delayed until you realize the mistake and come back to it. This is the distraction we are talking about. And this is the exact reason why we recommend you disable the top sites’ favicons and news feed from the new tab.

Can you do that on the Android version of the Chromium Edge browser?

Well, on Android or iOS versions of the Edge browser, it may not be possible to remove the functionality altogether. The best option would be to delete each of the feeds. It should be as simple as clicking on an X or going into the settings and removing it.

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You will be at peace until the results are populated again. Once they do, you will need to repeat the process.

The Closing Remarks

Well, that was how to turn off news feed and favicons on Chromium Edge Browser. While the earlier versions of the browser let you configure the settings through the Edge flags. However, some of the Chromium Edge flags have been removed after the launch of the stable release, and they have been replaced by the settings.

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Almost everyone among us is disturbed with the distracting news feed and other details found on the new tab on the Chromium Edge browser. The tips here should ideally help you answer your queries. Do share your tips and inputs with us.