How to Transfer Pictures From iPhone to Computer


Transfer Pictures From iPhone to Computer:- Hey there readers, for users who have an iPhone, but are yet to have a MacBook, it is something your use. Still using Windows OS?, then definitely you will be needing these tips on How to Transfer Pictures From iPhone to Computer. It is time to know how to you can copy or move your favorite collection to the system. There are sort of ways you can get it done without a glitch or stretch.

Well, no doubt that iPhone is capable of much and much to do as Apple gifts you something new in every updated version of iPhones. The built-in quality features are no match for any other brand. The uniqueness however, sometimes lands you in trouble. The basic task becomes a bottleneck. Talking specifically, take an example of image transfer from iPhone to Windows PC.

Transfer Pictures From iPhone to Computer

Tips and Steps on How to Transfer Pictures From iPhone to Computer

The connectivity issues may arise if you are a Windows 7/8/10 user. Hence, on the page, I’ll be keeping your concern as mine and try to lead you to a better and easy algorithm to land your images safely into your drive. Keep rolling down and let us have a look at the tips and steps. It is obvious that to find compatibility between your OS and iOS, you’ll get to get an extra support, i.e. another app. Starting with Any trans here, just grab the steps and get it done. Read Also:- Best Video Downloading Apps for iPhone

Transfer Pictures From iPhone to Computer using AnyTrans

Unlike iCloud, MAC OS X, this software does all sorts of transfer based on selected or all the items. All it takes is just steps to follow. You don’t have to have an updated or latest version of iOS, as it comes with a great compatibility feature for all the newest and oldest versions. Further relief of sigh for users who are still using Windows Vista or XP; It gives a handful of support to them as well. Read Also:- Best Boxing Games for iPhone

These are the steps that you’ll need to do the business.

  • Get the Application from internet source and install it.
  • Launch it and connect your iPhone to you’re the PC through USB Cable.
  • On the interface, select the Device tab and hit the Connect to PC
  • Search through the categories of images and choose the ones you want to save in your system. Pick the target location for your photos and start exporting them.

For transferring Multiple files from iPhone to PC, follow these steps

  • The first two steps are to be followed same as the ones above.
  • Just when you reach to transferring files, select the entire folder.
  • Choose the photos’ location by clicking “To Computer” button.

Steps for Importing Photos from iPhone to Windows 7 are as follows:

You can transfer files through Windows AutoPlay utility but that will be only helpful for Camera Roll Photos.

You can import both the images and videos from your iOS device rather.

To transfer Photo Stream and Photo Library photos, get a look at these steps here.

Soon after you connect your device, you’ll be prompt to, “transfer your pictures and videos using Windows”

Then apply these steps:

  • Press the Import settings link in the popped up window.
  • Change the destination folder if you want by pressing the “Import To” button.
  • Finally, Click Ok and Import the data.

In case, AutoPlay doesn’t help, try going through the Windows Explorer or opt for Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Algorithm to Import Photos from iPhone to Windows 8

If AutoPlay doesn’t work, which doesn’t really work for iCloud and synced images, try the steps listed below.

  • Get your device and PC connected via a USB. Press “continue” when a trusted certificate appears.
  • Select “Import Pictures and Videos” after opening your computer and clicking the iPhone icon.
  • If you are a first time user, choose “Review, organize, or import” or“ Import all new items now” if you previously copied some images. Press Next to continue.
  • Follow the link “More Option” to locate the destination folder for your imported files. Press Next to continue.
  • Finally, select the images to be imported and Import the chosen ones.

Steps for Copying Photos from iPhone to Windows 10 using Photos App

You also have to face the same problems with Windows 10 of having transferring only the Camera Roll Photos from your iPhone.

Windows 10 has a Photos App just as identical to the one for Mac OS X. With its help, you can easily transfer your photos from iPhone device to a Windows 10 PC. Take help from these steps if you have Windows 10 OS.

  • Get iTunes from apple’s official website. And install it in Windows. Make sure to get the right one i.e. a 32-bit or a 64-bit.
  • Attach your device using a USB cable and run Photos App in your system.
  • Click the “Import” button displayed at the top right corner of the application.
  • Make a selection of your favorite picks and press “Continue”.

There are, no doubt many applications and third party programs that will prove much and stronger aid for you. I believe you’ll get your favorite photos together at the safe place. If How to Transfer Pictures From iPhone to Computer was helpful to you, leave me your response on what else you need and how you want to get further help on it. I’ll be posting some more informative stuff for you here. Make sure to be here the next time. Thank you and enjoy sharing your moments.


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