How To Start A Cell Phone Repair Business From Home


For some reason, cell phones are just not built to last. It may be because there are new versions of your favorite model coming out so frequently that the brand hopes it breaks in time for you to upgrade. Or, it’s just that they save a lot of money by using cheap parts.

This is bad news for the consumers, but good news for you. The fact is that not everybody can afford to upgrade to the newest release and look to have their phone fixed rather than replaced.

Solving problems like this is a fantastic business opportunity that will give you plenty of work for the foreseeable future.

In this article, I will give you the basics on how to get started and run a successful cell phone repair business.

1 – Source your parts

It is critical to spend the least amount possible on your parts while at the same time maintaining quality. Your margins are going to be very slim, especially in the beginning so shop around for parts.

Getting them online is your best option in many cases. For instance, for batteries, there is a store called Batteries Shack in Sterling Heights that ships online and you can get every type of battery imaginable.

Make sure you develop a good rapport with your purveyor so you can score deals in the future and be sure that you are being treated as a valued customer.

2 – Learn the business

Taking a course is the best way to learn how to fix cell phones if you have never done it before. You don’t need to actually have any previous experience as these courses will teach you the entire process and the concepts behind the repairs so you can handle a variety of brands and models.

Also, make sure to network with others either from your classes or by joining forums. You’ll learn how the business actually works and get some hacks and tips that you didn’t learn during the class from people who do this for a living.

3 – Learn marketing

The best cell phone repair technician would be nothing if nobody knows about them. You need to get the word out and make sure to find customers.

Traditional advertising like ads on radio or TV is not at all effective anymore and should be avoided. They are costly and are not properly targeted to your market.

Instead, use the internet by taking advantage of social media for business and using a website to capture customers for you. Start out by creating a presence online with a few social media profiles. Be active on the channels by commenting on other posts and engaging with the people who comment on yours. This builds trust and establishes a good reputation.

Then, try out a Youtube channel with videos that talk about the pros and cons of certain models, or how to maintain them for longer life. Whatever way you think you can connect with people that will want to have you do the repairs when needed is the best way to do this.

Send your Youtube traffic to your website where you will collect email addresses so you can continue to market while also providing a lot of value.

4 – Figure out the logistics

Now that you know how to fix the phones and how to get customers, you have to figure out how to get the phones to you and back to the customer.

If this is a home-based business, then you should avoid a physical drop off and pick up at your home. Try to find a local business that you can pay a small fee for allowing people to drop off their phones there and then pick them up when ready.

Otherwise, try to arrange a way for people to send their phones to you for repair and then you send them back. Of course, you need to be careful about package theft and also damage caused by the shipping.

Whatever way you end up going about this, the process has to be hassle-free for your potential customer. As soon as there is a bit of resistance then you likely lose the sale.


The easiest part of this business is going to be the actual work of fixing the phones. The rest of the details are the ones that will actually make or break you. Figure out these problems and you will be able to grow and may end up hiring people like a successful business.


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