How to Remove Spyware from Your Phone Quickly and Safely


Spyware can be a life-saver in situations like when kids use social media platforms excessively or when a spouse is using an online dating app to cheat on you. These types of tools can help you find out tons of secrets sooner rather than later, and devise-up a strategy to deal with them.

If you know how to spy on a cell phone and use spyware, then you also know that it can be quite difficult to remove it.


And, what if someone else is spying on you? We bet that you’d like to find out before it’s too late. Well, this article deals with exactly that. We will go in-depth about how to check whether your phone has spyware and we’ll show you different methods on how to remove it. Let’s start.

How to check if your Phone has Spyware?

The introduction of spyware in your phone will have visible impacts on the performance of the targeted phone. Signs of spyware presence on the phone are quite evident and noticeable. Your device has spyware for sure if:

  • The targeted phone will be sluggish and respond slowly
  • You are receiving unexpected advertising messages and pop-up ads;
  • There are some alien tool-bars and home-screens that you don’t remember installing or downloading;
  • The phone battery depletes quickly;
  • You face difficulties in logging into secure sites;
  • The installed anti-virus and other safety tools stop working;
  • There is an unexpectedly use of data;
  • You are facing difficulties in shutting down the device.

Now that you know whether or not your device has it, let us tell you how to get rid of spyware.

How to Remove Spyware from Android Phones?

If all the above-mentioned tell-tale signs are present then you should be 100% sure that your device has been compromised and spyware is present on your device. Don’t worry though. Below, you’ll learn how to remove spyware from Android devices:

  • Use a Spyware Removal Tool

Some specific spyware removal tools will help you get rid of unwanted spyware. Using these tools, you can identify and remove the spyware without any hassle and hurdle. Let’s understand this with the help of a popular spyware removal tool AntiSpy & Spyware Scanner.


This is the best spyware remover available in the market and allows an end-user to accomplish this job without any risks. You can accomplish the desired in 3 simple steps:


  • Run a spyware scan and find out the presence of spyware on the targeted phone.


  • Do as the app says and remove the spyware in a quick and hassle-free manner. This free spyware removal will help you enjoy your freedom.


Remove Spyware Manually

If you don’t want to use a free spyware removal app or tool then you can do it manually as well. Below mentioned steps will help you reach your goal:

  • Reboot the targeted device into the safe mode before starting any procedure. This mode will help you stop running any third-party apps from running in the background.
  • Long-press the power button to reach the Reboot option. Once this option appears, press OK.
  • Go to Settings and look for Apps or Apps & notification options.
  • Look for any suspicious apps which you don’t remember installing. Some of the spyware use names like Update System or Update Device to conceal their presence. Look for such names in the app list.
  • Once identified, click to open the spyware details. Choose the Uninstall option and remove the spyware.
  • Some of the spyware needs device administrator permission to complete the uninstallation process. To remove this hurdle, go to Settings > Security > Advanced > Device Administrators.
  • Now, uncheck the box next to the spyware. This will make a window pop-up. Choose Deactivate this device admin app. Go back to the app list and uninstall the spyware.
  • Restart the targeted phone and resume to the normal mode. Try searching the presence of once again to confirm that there is no spyware present.

How to Remove Spyware from iPhone Devices?

iPhone devices are known for their impeccable security and cut-above OS. But, some spyware can infringe on its security and deteriorate phone performance. Here is what you should do to uninstall the free spyware present on the iPhone.

  • Restore Your Phone in iTunes

If you’re looking for a free spyware removal solution for the iPhone then you should try restoring your iPhone on iTunes. Doing so will effectively remove any spyware. Restoring the details on iTunes will help you get rid of any malicious app or activity automatically.

Make sure you create a back-up before the starting step.

  • Update Your iOS

update ios

One of the easiest ways to do spyware removal at zero risks is to update iOS. An updated OS adds-up the security of the iOS device and keeps the malicious software at bay. It will cost nothing and any spyware will be auto removed. The steps for this solution are stated below:

  • Go to “Settings” and tap on “General”.
  • Choose “Software Update”. It’s done.


While spyware can help you keep any risks and hassles at bay, it is nothing but a privacy invasion when done without any consent.

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For the removal of unwanted spyware, follow the above-mentioned steps and you will be successful for sure.


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