How to Reduce Technology-Related Downtime


Turning a startup business venture into an actual success is one of the hardest things you can do in this life. Modern entrepreneurs have to worry about keeping up with the latest technology. They need to prevent technology-related downtime if they want to create a competitive edge. Business owners who are “in the know” realize the value of things like cloud-based tools and application performance monitoring.

The more technology you provide to your team, the harder it will be to keep it all reliable and functional. Are you trying to prevent technology-related downtime? If so, check out the helpful information in this article.

application performance monitoringMonitor All of Your Business Technology Closely

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make when it comes to new technology is putting it in place and forgetting all about it. While lots of cloud-based technology is self-sufficient, you still need to monitor it closely. The more you know about how your employees are spending their days interacting with things like apps and software programs, the easier it will be to address issues before they cause damage.

Getting the information you need to make important decisions regarding business technology is only possible when utilizing the power of application performance monitoring software. Businesses spend over $4 trillion on technology annually. Putting money in your existing technology budget for this type of monitoring is wise. This type of monitoring is exceptionally important if you have various remote employees using apps to stay connected to the projects they are working on. With the right application monitoring solution, you can keep these employees productive and content.

Provide Your Staff With Training

Successfully implementing new business technology will require you to get employees to buy-in to the concept of the program. For instance, if you invest in technology designed to make remote project management software, you need to show your employees how this program will make their lives easier. You also need to provide your team with hands-on training so they know exactly how to use the technology at their disposal.

Providing this type of training is also a great way to morale levels high. If employees are expanding their skills, they are more likely to remain with your company for the long haul. Rather than trying to provide technology training on your own, you should think about hiring a third-party. Leaving this training to professionals is the best way to ensure no mistakes are made.

Technology-Related Downtime

Have Routine Cyber-Security Audits Performed

Keeping your business network safe and secure can feel like a full-time job at times. Some business owners just assume that what they are doing to protect the information on their network is effective. The only way to really know if your current cyber-security measures can prevent an attack is by investing in professional penetration tests and security audits.

Allowing IT professionals to put your network through the paces can help you see where changes need to be made. Getting these tests performed routinely is imperative if you want to keep your network out of the hands of cyber-criminals. Unless you have extensive knowledge of cyber-security, you should avoid handling these audits on your own.

It’s Time to Take Business Technology Serious

As you can see, keeping business technology functional and reliable is not easy. With the help of IT professionals, you should have no problem maintaining the technology-related downtime you currently have in place. These professionals can also help you with new technology implementations and upgrades in the future.


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