How to Recover Deleted Notifications on Android


How to Recover Deleted Notifications on Android:- Counts of apps mean counts of notifications buzzing on your phone all the time. Now multiply those notifications with the number of Android users, and I am done with the math. The only possible solution is to swipe all the information at once and sigh a relief. But that’s where the problem is. With unnecessary notifications, you delete some important ones, such as your payment transfer. Is there a way to get them back? Yes, that’s why this informative guide on How to Recover Deleted Notifications on Android is going to do.

Android users can find the lost notifications in the Android Notification History. For those with different UI can also get the notifications back using a third-party Android App. Android  Notification History is not a new thing, it’s been around since Android Jellybean was introduced. This history log enables you to view all the system notifications. But the Question is how. You’ll definitely need some tricks to solve this riddle. Head to the following parts and find How to Recover Deleted Notifications on Android using your phone’s developer options.

Method 1

Recovering Lost Notifications on Android using Developer Options

  • Go to phone settings and tap on Build Number several times.
  • Doing so displays a notification with a message “You are now a Developer” adding a new section to the settings menu.

Steps to Follow to Recover Deleted Notifications on Android

Recover Deleted Notifications on Android

Step 1: Long tap on empty space on your home screen and tap widgets.

Step 2: Once you are there, either swipe left or scroll down to look for Settings shortcut widget.

Step 3: Long tap the widget to let it appear on your home screen.

Step 4: In the settings shortcut menu, scroll down and tap notification log.

Step 5: A Notification Log shortcut will show up on your screen tapping which will give you access to Notification History. And that is how you can retrieve the lost notifications (Active Notifications are white while closed notifications will be gray).

Method 2

Third-party Android Apps to Recover Deleted Notifications  

If you are unable to reach these settings, Apps are an answer for How to Recover Deleted Notifications on Android. Here are a couple of apps that can help you accomplish this task.

  1. a) Notification History Log

It’s an app that’s tailored for logging your one-day-old notifications on your device. It simply brings up the source app of a particular notification when you activate Advanced History Settings. You can also blacklist certain apps and customize the recovery records. Its free version is pretty handy; if you want to display days old notifications on your phone, you can switch to its paid version.

  1. b) Notisaver

If you want to turn to an absolutely free option, head to the Google Play Store and download Notisaver App. This app helps you to save and recover deleted notifications easily. It’s got easy to handle interface that also lets you add a particular sort of notification to your favourites. It overcomes the shortcoming of the former with an unlimited notification log size and blacklisting specific apps. If you want to check notification for your favourite app, type it in the search box. And of course, this app starts logging notifications from the moment you install it, not the ones before installation.

  1. c) Recent Notification

Recent Notification, as the name suggests, gives you lots of options such as grouping notifications by application name and type. It’s also a free app that you can avail from the Google Play Store. Set a specific period for a notification, and it will delete itself. You can read full details of notifications, apply filters, or even remove notifications by swiping along with many other options.

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Ease Up and Enjoy your Favourite Notifications

With this guide on How to Recover Deleted Notifications on Android, you’ll most likely feel a little less stressed. You can watch what’s happening around with the apps residing on your phone. You can find lots of other options and indeed, they would have their own limitations. If you come across an effective and friendly solution, notify me through the comments section.


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